Reason has cooly, quietly evolved into the thing it said it wasn’t – namely, a DAW. (Okay, we won’t call it that – let’s just say it’s one tool that lets you do all your production for a wider audience.) And it’s done it in a way that retains its Reason character. And that’s given it a uniquely dedicated core audience.

How dedicated? Well, dedicated enough that they shoot their own videos showing you what’s new. And actually, the best video series demonstrating what’s changed in Reason 9 didn’t come from Propellerhead at all. Instead, it comes from YouTube user Dorincourt. Let’s watch. First, here’s a great overview of what’s happening:

The MIDI and note business I think is where the really interesting stuff happens, and there’s a complete trio of videos covering that. “Scales and Chords”:

“Note Echo” (yep, this is House Music):

— and for something getting more intricate, the polyphonic “Dual Arpeggio”:

Good stuff. Check out all those channels – ah, music in the modern age. (Twitch remains interesting to me, for its potential as a sort of ultra-nerdy Boiler Room. Who’s using it?)