Can you whistle? Can you hum? Sing? Dance? Let’s assume for a moment that the problem isn’t your musicality, because you have something to express. The point of technology and music skill is really to express that inner musicality.

For a beautiful demonstration of that, watch one guy roam the streets of Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood with one piece of gear – and make an amazing song just from looping.

It’s a film by Arthur Moore of Berlin-based artist Rico Loop. Rico is a master looping artist – working with computers (Native Instruments) and hardware alike – and has performed with the likes of Bobby McFerrin and Chick Corea.

Gear used:

Sound: BOSS Loop Station RC-505 – that easy access to mixing five tracks here really excels

Image: Ronin gimbal (for stabilization, actually costs about as much as the camera body!) with a Panasonic LUMIX GH4 (fairly inexpensive 4K camera)

There’s more. Rico Loop sometimes shows up in Mauerpark (the park formerly marked by the Berlin Wall):

Here’s Rico Loop back in 2012 demo’ing the RC-300 Loop Station. Actually, for all we deal with music tech in terms of news, I think some of the most effective hardware has a longer shelf life – it’s something that people get to know over time. (Think about guitars, by contrast.)

It’s not just about virtuosity; Rico is really doing some sophisticated one-person-band act here, and clearly has a real feel for groove: