Ableton Live 9.7 – the final stable download – is available today. (A public beta was released over the summer.) It’s got a host of improvements for the latest Push hardware, but there are advantages for everyone.

We did a preview of the slicing and beatmaking features in Live 9.7 previously:
Ableton Live 9.7 in beta, with slicing and beatmaking news

But let’s quickly run down what’s in 9.7 depending on which hardware you’re using (or not).


For everybody

Actually, I think this is the most important. You can now slice in different ways:
By beat division
By region
By transient

All of this works in Simpler. So yes, it’s mapped to Push 1 and Push 2. But you can also use it if you’re on easyJet working on a laptop, with your trackpad. Or you can map it to custom controllers. Or if you’re McRorie, you could set up a custom workflow mapped to your pants. (Slap those Lederhosen, slice that track!)

Also, this is actually huge for people doing serious live performance – Link support is significantly enhanced if you use Tap Tempo or set tempo with the Looper. Quoting the release notes:

The beat time of connected apps in a Link session will be aligned when starting Live’s playback with Tap Tempo or via Looper.

Since the point of Link synchronization is jamming, that’s a big deal.

Everyone also gets a long, long list of tweaks and fixes – see the release notes for full details.

If you’ve got Push 2

Push 2 is mapped to that slicing, but you also get:
A new drum layout with 16 pre-defined velocity levels:

Select and arm audio and MIDI inputs from the hardware:

Visual feedback with clip phase and count-in so you can see where you are without looking at the screen:


Color pads, tracks, and clips via Push (and not only with the mouse)

Pad sensitivity tweaks based on context to “improve playability” (this is actually pretty subtle, but … well, if it works you won’t notice it, you’ll just be happier)

Also, there are numerous improvements to the display, including color matching.

If you’ve got Push 2 or Push 1…

Push 1 also works with slicing mapped.

Also, both devices have a more sensible way to treat Fixed Length recordings – that’s when you set the length of a recording in advance, then play:

By default, Fixed Length now respects the Launch Quantization setting. Its previous behavior can be toggled on via the ‘Phrase Sync’ option in the Fixed Length menu. This works with Push 1 and 2.

So, have at it:

Live 9.7 will download automatically, or if you’re set to manual updates, you can grab it on your account page.

Photos courtesy Ableton.