Working in the synth business is basically one of the most fun things you can do. So in addition to the pleasure of getting reports from owners, we wake to total surprises like this video from Olivier Ozoux, who has made a terrific stop motion unboxing video and live jam with the synth.

MeeBlip joins the Korg electribe sampler and Squarp Pyramid sequencer for a rather fine all-hardware setup. You watch the triode emerge from its box, where it’s been hand-packed by MeeBlip creator James Grahame, then dive into the jam. (He manages to make the resonance sound like an extra percussion part at one moment.)

Wait for it – around 1:13 the sub kicks in. I do this for a living and I still get irrational glee out of bass.

The second batch of MeeBlips triode are about to hit assembly and shipping now.

I hadn’t seen Olivier’s series, and now realize it’s full of charming videos like this. Subscribed – for real.

For instance, speaking of open source hardware, here’s a film of the PreenFM2, assembled into a gorgeous, futuristic white 3d-printed case:

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