The brief: take up a nice little slot in Eurorack, pack a whole synth voice, but still provide enough patching to stay interesting. That’s the new Domino Eurorack module from the folks at Eowave.

So, you get a saw/square oscillator, ladder-style filter, decay envelope, and VCA. It’s vanilla stuff, but well executed. And most importantly, they’ve nicely balanced the controls and patch points, so you have something that’s accessible and versatile.

Frankly, I think it solves a lot of problems for people. Rather than piece together everything you need one module at a time, this gives you the sorts of stuff you’d have in a desktop synth – but still is simple and patchable enough that it makes sense to combine with other modules.

This isn’t the only such module out there – in fact, putting together a shopping guide to this breed of modules would make sense. But as I rather like the Eowave stuff, I think it deserves special mention.

Specs, from the source:

– Cutoff – filter frequency
– Res – filter resonance
– Switch – switches between gate>VCA to envelope>VCA
– Pitch – pitch tuning
– Mix – blend saw and square waves
– P Mod – pitch modulation attenuator
– Decay – envelope decay
– Filter Envelope – modulation amount, pre-patched from envelope to filter
– F Mod – filter cutoff modulation attenuator
– CV
– PWM (square wave)
– Mix 1 in – input for external oscillator/sound source to replace saw wave
– Gate – gate in
– P Mod – pitch modulation, pre-patched to envelope
– F Mod – frequency modulation for filter cutoff, pre-patched to CV in
– Mix 2 in – input for external oscillator/sound source to replace square wave
– Saw
– Square
– Env – envelope output
– Out – out from VCA

Pricing / availability – TBD, but the Eowave folks tell us they’ll let us know. 😉