I hear from the Internets that there are some “top 1000 DJ lists” chosen by surveys or something. Suffice to say, I’m tired of letting people vote for things in 2016. So let’s talk about Erika. Do you need a DJ, playing some heavy, long techno set? Do you need an ambient/experimental something-or-other? Do you need it live? Do you need a combination of an Erika with BMG, for Ectomorph, also one of the best live acts out there? In this event, accept no substitutes.

So, for anyone who’s been depressed lately about “fashionable” techno and expensive coordinated t-shirts and coolness going with it (though that’s really hardly a new phenomenon), here’s techno in its purest form. It’s absolutely stupid and repetitive and silly when it wants to be. It’s dreamy and beautiful, too. It’s just a big, loud, dirty form of music that’s what happens when you give a wet, sloppy kiss to synthesizers and other machines because you love them. And much like pouring chocolate over stuff is a good idea, I think that’s a good idea.

And Erika is exceptionally good at playing it.

And if you are a techno fan, this should get you through a tough workload or a moody dark December day. It’s way more fun than reading any survey results. (We have some tips on our favorite DJs and live sets and records, too, so those will come, but let’s not sweat this stuff too much, right?)

Now, Erika (and BMG for that matter) have put out some great music lately, too — more on that soon, as well.

In the meantime…

Go machines, go.