Mighty morphin’ nostalgia rangers.

That Fisher-Price “Pull-a-Tune” xylophone.

The plastic turntable Fisher-Price musicbox.

L.G.B. and Lionel locomotives.

A tin robot.

Even if these don’t bring up memories of your own childhood playtime or your family’s playthings or (uh, depending on age) a visit to the local toy museum, they’re full of charming, magical sounds.

And in a free sample library from our Berlin neighbors at Native Instruments, you can mess around with them in a morphing 3D interface.


It’s just what you need to produce some ghastly, gothic, creepy horror soundtrack to scare the living f–

Oh, wait. Sorry. Holiday spirit or something. My imagination went somewhere darker. I mean … uh … it’s perfect for making some innocent childhood cheer or something or other Santa Claus ho ho ho yadda yadda.

But yeah, it’s pretty awesome. And the price is right. Have at it.

Sound designer Jeremiah Savage is behind this, having done metallic and cinematic wonders for NI several times before.

Free through December 31 only. There’s also a 25€ coupon and a drawing for free NI gear.