It’s happened: CD players are officially retro/vintage. (Heck, so is the iPod at this point.) But that means it’s time to open them up and glitch them out – at least for some intrepid inventors, that is.

Actually, this video is itself vintage, coming from the innocent days of 2012. (Ah – remember then? If only we knew what world awaited us in 2017. We’d… probably have hidden in a basement and all started circuit bending Sony CD players.)

Anyway, I digress. Sony Discman. Renamed “Discbitch” – complete with laser-etched name on the case. Patchable. Glitching. Watch:

Somehow, it’s trending right now on YouTube, because… this is how people are getting over hangovers / returning to their work life, apparently. Even odder, my colleagues note that what appears to be making it trend is a chorus of angry commenters. It’s the latest proof that of the many, many things I truly don’t understand, the emotional motivation of YouTube commenters is way up on the list.

But it’s here on CDM, too, because maybe one of you knows who r20029 is, or maybe it’s you.

Let us know.

Documentation on the project: