The term “beast” may be overused in describing synthesizers, but the massive, heavy, feature-packed Arturia MatrixBrute certainly deserves the term. Now, we get to hear and watch as Blawan takes us on a tour.

Blawan is one of my favorites in adventurous techno, not least for his unique skills in playing live – because finding great DJs is still considerably easier than finding artists who can produce on the spot. So he’s a smart match to launch a new series pairing artists with gear, run by Electronic Beats and German-language Bonedo.

Now’s a good time – the MatrixBrute has been around a while, and has even added more features (because it didn’t have enough?!) like real-time recording and a matrix arpeggiator.

I love that this thing exists, even if I’m not sure I’d want one myself. It’s inspiring in that it seems to have said yes to everything it possibly could.

And this is a terrific tour. If you have more questions for Arturia, I’m also catching up with them, both in Frankfurt this week at Musikmesse and again in Berlin for Superbooth.

Also, I want to go hands-on soon in the studio with DrumBrute – which is, let’s say, both smaller and more affordable than this.