Jack Hamill, aka Space Dimension Controller, is another of those stand-out live electronic instrumental performers, able to involve lots of improvisation while still maintaining control and composure. No press play sets here – this is all perfectly conducted live performance. Note that that still doesn’t necessarily mean playing absolutely everything – it’s more about this hybrid of controlling elements from a compositional sense, maintaining some balance between what’s pre-composed and what’s made on the fly.

Resident Advisor shot a lovely extended film with him:

In the rig, Maschine Jam controls Ableton Live (and is handy for just such integration). I have to say, while I love Push (and in particular its display and velocity sensitivity), it sometimes feels more like a studio tool than a live performance instruments. Jam is organized a little more around playing live – and it has those great touch faders.

The rest of the rig:
KORG Minilogue
Two iPads, running touchAble
Allen & Heath mixer
Akai Professional LPD8 controller? (I think, can’t see clearly)
Some other stuff I can’t quite spot…

Nice stuff!