Call it acid Elektron. Elektron USA CEO Daniel Troberg is active as a live player much as he is in the tech business. He shares his most recent live set with us.

Finnish native Troberg may run Elektron in America, but he’s also regularly seen around LA’s legendary Dublab, as well as promoter and DJ. (One thing you can say about the musical instruments business – people are often nicely overqualified and wearing multiple hats.)

This time, we catch him back in the land of Elektron, Sweden. That’ll be Machinedrum birthplace Gothenburg – specifically, the Fee Fi Fo Fum party that just took place August 25th.

I asked Daniel to dish on how he plays:

I used an Octatrack MKI, a Monomachine MKII and a Roland TB303. The 303 has the Quicksilver mod so that I can do some nice realtime sequencer changes on it. The Quicksilver mod also makes it get midi sync in so I dont have to worry about any additional converter boxes. The Octatrack acts as the main clock as well as the main mixer and Im using approximately 64 patterns in the OT that ate lined up with the Monomachine. I arrange everything realtime as I feel like it and can go in any direction. I also use a a couple of scenes for the fader in the Octatrack to modulate certain parameters. The 303 and the Monomachine both goes into the Octatrack where I have it set up with additional effects processing and modulation from the fader mainly. So no additional gear is used, no mixer or external effects.

Check his SoundCloud for more:

How do you play? Also into the famous Elektron trinity?