Teenage Engineering’s PO-32 is a powerful drum synth, literally in a calculator form factor. Now you can learn more – and update its sounds – from YouTube.

I do mean literally install sounds from YouTube. You see, the PO-32 uses a bizarre and clever update mechanism where it can absorb signals from sounds – meaning you can play the video and load sounds onto the hardware, a bit like those evil alien hypnosis tricks in old scifi movies.

Teenage Engineering and their PO-32 we already knew were great – and the hardware is well under a hundred bucks. But it takes the singular epic powers of music technologist Jakob Haq for us to unlock still more greatness.

First, the “EPIC” (his words, though I agree) review + tutorial:

Next, get some sounds. There’s The haQ attaQ TeQno TroniQ drum pack, for instance, with 16 new sounds and 4 “techno type” pattern chains:

But there’s more. As of this writing, he’s got a playlist with some seven sound banks, by genre. Good stuff:

Genius stuff. More on the product:


And you can find a bunch more links in Mr. Haq’s videos – including, not to be forgotten, that important Patreon link so you can support his work.