As spotted earlier, the TR-808 is getting an official pair of limited edition running shoes from Puma. Now there are details on how you can buy them – plus a second design.

#808day is on its way – that’s the 8th of August, of course. Roland have announced some new hardware on that date in the past – and it seems a no-brainer that’ll happen again this year. But additionally, the Japanese music gear maker has partnered with Puma to roll out both the previous design of TR-808 inspired shoes plus one new design. Both draw aesthetic cues (and colors, in particular) from the 808 drum machine, but the shoes themselves are different:

The RS-0 Roland, the one we saw first, is an intentionally 80s-style sneaker design that “reboots” the 1980s Puma R-series shoes.

The RS-100 is a more modern design:

That is, expect more retro-looking materials on the RS-0 and something a bit more modern on the RS-100.

Now, readers did tell us they wanted to buy these shoes. It seems there is actually a global launching coming on 8/08. Both shoes are EUR 110 in Europe; in the USA, the RS-0 is pricier at US$130 while the newer-looking RS-1100 is just $100. You’ll be able to get them both online at and in PUMA stores.

Or, well, you can if you didn’t already spend all your money on music gear. Oops. Top tip: get some duct tape, and strap the boxes from your last to Eurorack modules around your feet. Solved!

Now, I’m no shoe expert – I have feet, and I can tie my laces (poorly). So I’ll let the copy from the press release speak for itself, since it’s written in elegant soft-core shoe-pr0n prose, as if you’re going to actually eat the shoes. Here you go:

The upper of the RS-100 Roland features a vibrant orange suede Formstrip with white reflective edges amidst a combination of white-red pebble leather, black ripstop nylon panels and yellow suede. PUMA and Roland branding can be found on the tongue label, the footbed and the anodized metal hangtag. “Rhythm Composer TR-808, Computer Composer” is printed on the heel. A PUMA and Roland logo is printed on the footbed while the outsole features lines that mimic the lights on a synthesizer. All colors and detailing represent ‘80s retro hues found on a Roland TR-808 drum machine.

Unveiled last spring, the RS-0 Roland, also inspired by the game-changing TR-808 drum machine, features premium leather black upper, micro perf vents, 6mm flat, reflective laces, reflective midsole details and signature TR-808 colors – red, orange and yellow – on the Formstrip. Familiar notes like “Rhythm Composer” and “Bass Drum” accent the midsole while the orange hue continues to the translucent rubber outsole. PUMA and Roland branding can be found on the tongue label, footbed and the anodized metal hangtag.

And yes, to any would-be haters, what can I say? I know. Drum machines have no sole.

Shoe photos GO!


The Roland TR-808 is getting its own pair of Puma shoes