We’ve been following Momo Müller’s software add-ons for a while. But this latest addition for Elektron’s Model:Samples is special, because it unlocks some of the power of this budget box.

Part of what’s great about the Model:Samples is that it does surface a whole bunch of stuff on the main panel for hands-on control. But that doesn’t mean everything is there. Momo’s newest editor and plug-ins gets you at the rest:

  • Full parameter access across all six tracks
  • Easier access to those hidden LFO and FX settings
  • Direct selection of patterns
  • Solo for all six tracks
  • X/Y pads – which Momo suggests you might want to assign to faders for track levels/crossfading

And all of this is integrated with the DAW, which combines nicely with the Elektron’s audio interface functionality.

You get standalone and VST versions for the Mac and Windows, plus Mac AU. There are even 32-bit versions if you have an older system.


I bring this up because if it’s really a sampler you want, the Elektron may have an edge on the Roland MC-101 (finishing that review this week). It’s a unique box, and I think uniquely playable addition to rigs without blowing the bank. Check out our full review:

Plus the feature that might put it over the top for you:

Andreas Roman has another review for us this week – I’m finishing editing now – on the 1010 Blackbox. So you have three very different compact sample-based boxes to consider now, from Roland, 1010, and Elektron. Watch for our full round-up.