The Tesla Cybertruck unveiled last week already looks like some low-polygon-count 3D model. So of course it’s already some (free) shader code.

For those of you not in the know on the visual side, Shadertoy is a marvelous repository of community-shared shader code. Shaders are snippets of program language built specifically for the graphics subsystem on your computer. Nowadays, that’s of interest not only to gamers and 3D artists, but live visual performance, too – tools like Isadora have built-in support for Shadertoy specifically. You can even run inside Ableton Live, via Max for Live.

This particular Shadertoy gives you the requisite disco lighting and that suddenly-iconic, weird geometric form of a truck. (Thank designer Franz von Holzhausen, apparently.)

Mute your sound before you have a look at this link, though; there’s a blasting cyber-tune that plays automatically.

Previous refresher:

Now go make the music video of your dreams, obviously.

Updated – David Lublin from Vidvox has ported this to ISF (Interactive Shader Format), which makes it compatible with VJ apps, too – out of the box: