Brian Funk aka AfroDJMac continues his epic run of sound packs for Ableton Live, with a Christmas freebie made from sampled fire trucks.

Ranking up there with “how does Santa deliver all those presents in one night?” has to be “how does Brian actually make this many Live sound packs?” Seriously, the guy might actually have produced more sound content for Ableton Live than most of the makers of the internal packs at this point – I’ve lost count.

But while the mention of fire trucks evokes blaring chaos, this addition is soft, sweet, and melodic. Brian’s local fire department escorts Santa’s sleigh on a lit-up fire truck convoy. He captured that sound and transformed it into something ideal for wintry ambient melodies and the like.

Not only does this make a lovely free download, but it might inspire you to do some sampling of your own, particularly if you get some days off or travel over the holidays.

And there you go, it’s free pack #189, so feel free to put a YouTube yule log on, and fall down a link hole of sounds for Live if you so choose:

This is the sixth annual hristmas giveaway, more if you count each sound individually.

And hey, while Hannukah is coming to a close Monday (happy Hannukah, too, by the way!) — Orthodox and Russian Christmas is still some a week and a half away yet, so there’s time to get your own sounds together. Go!