Polish manufacturer Polyend, who have made everything from elaborate grid sequencers to polysynths to robotic percussion – have something new in store.

Now, I’m not one to jump on teasers, but – it seems like they might apply their grid and synth savvy to something that is also a drum machine and sequenced sampler … or thereabouts. Well, you judge:

Also, it seems like this thing has a color screen – unless they’re going into software or iPad apps.

Elektron have something coming tomorrow, too, as you may have heard – Synthtopia have the story on that.

But I figured more boutique, under-the-radar Polyend deserve some attention, too – especially as they’re not blowing loads of cash on Google and Facebook ads.

Regardless, it looks like this normally sleepy time of year might well get interesting. And if loads of remakes and retro-themed instruments at NAMM this year didn’t really get your gear lust going – or even Akai with their software-in-a-box MPC – maybe Elektron and Polyend are about to brighten your late winter. (Or, uh, summer – sorry, don’t mean to be hemispheri-centric.)

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