Tune in, bliss out, and keep the stream running – and play it with the only live video stream you need, live jellyfish.


“A Strangely Isolated Place” may seem a reference to our present moment, but lovers of electronic music will know this exceptionally tasteful label out of Los Angeles. It’s a perfect example of rich and wonderful Bandcamp pages to get lost in, full of releases from James Bernard to Christian Kleine to 36 and so many more:


It’s running now, through 9pm Sunday (that’s 4am Monday GMT).

Tons of gems are on the schedule, including exclusives (like BenoƮt Pioulard), live sets (including our friend Proem, whose practice session I heard last night and already sounded terrific), and album premieres from Quiet Places and William Selman (of The Mysteries Of The Deep fame).

You can give money to charity (SNAP who provide Food Stamps and Meals on Wheels, who work with the elderly, both in the USA). You can buy the music, you can (ideally, if you have the cash) do both:


Oh yeah, and about those jellyfish – they really do make a perfect visual complement to the music. I wish I had a big beamer, but I can get real close to the screen (mute the sound, obviously).

Thanks to Noncompliant for the tip…

And lots of love to https://www.montereybayaquarium.org/