If you feel like a kid in a candy store, here’s still more eye candy you can make for free. A little bit of patchable generative graphics, a little bit of rendering live and interactively, and a little bit of keyframe animation and editing so you can hold it together? That really satisfies. Check out Tooll3, with an extra ‘l.’

This is some bleeding-edge stuff, in development now and targeting Windows 10.

But tooll itself has some lineage behind it – as you can tell by how mature the video looks. It’s really VJ-friendly in that you can rig up audio-reactive stuff fairly quickly, and yet can also scale up to more technical design and computational shaders. That’s generally the sort of nexus that looks interesting these days – expressive and performative tools that can also go into deep customization and data-driven, math-infused artwork.

OSC is in there, too. UI stuff is in there – a piece that’s often missing from some of these tools (or in a primitive form).

They do say it’s stable enough to make motion graphics and visuals now, so – I guess you might stay away from running this live onstage just yet, but at this point everyone’s thinking next festival season / next year, anyway.

And they’ve got a friendly Discord to go check out.

GitHub – ooh, yes, MIT license:




And a big hat-tip to the fine folks of VJ Union for finding this one! Heard some good initial impressions, too.