Miss the days of flipping through paper pages and dreaming of electronic music and synths? Stuck in Victoria’s COVID lockdown, Modul8’s co-founders decided to bring that era back.

Modul8’s premiere issue is printed on paper – but also produced off-grid and with efforts to limit carbon footprint. What you get is 56 pages of “utter synth geekery” covering artists and instruments alike.

In issue #1, tons of interviews:

  • Detroit / Berlin-based Dub Monitor
  • YouTube synth philosopher JAde Wii
  • Pure Data wrangler Nicky Systems
  • Lofi lover and Plumbutter maestro Kozeps
  • Make It Up Club legend Stevie Richards
  • The director of Lunar Orbit, a full length documentary on The Orb

Plus a feature on the unfulfilled promise of grooveboxes and contributions from Todd Barton, Paleman, and 303 champion Honeysmack.

No algorithms, just human editors – as nature intended.

“We just wanted something that felt a bit deeper than social media. We both remembered how important and influential magazines had been on us, so we decided to try and make something that lasted longer than a swipe,” co-founder Phil Coyle says.

With Corey Hague, the two have launched this new project as an international ‘zine for synth lovers. And they also had a real-life launch event featuring some of the artists profiled in the magazine – here’s a look at how that went down:

Check out the official site, and grab your issue for fifteen bucks:

Modul8 Magazine

Modul8 – Premiere Issue