It crossfades. It controls. It’s a mixer. It’s stereo. It’s mono. Intellijel continues to spawn new module ideas in the 1U format they created – now with a crossfader module. That may get the attention of anyone who hadn’t taken 1U seriously yet.

They’ve done their usual high-end job of this: you get a Innofader crossfader, which can mix CV or signal (in mono or analog), or can just be a handy controller for other stuff. You get all the extras – crossfade shapes, unipolar and bipolar operation, and you can even chain this to their other gear.

Here’s the full specs:

Smooth and ultra-low friction Innofaderâ„¢ Mini-Innofader module with moving capacitance technology

Three crossfade shapes: DJ cut,  Constant Power and Linear

Stereo or Mono operation

DC coupled inputs and outputs

Unipolar or Bipolar CV outputs

Output is chainable to intellijel Outs, Mixup, Stereo Line Out 1U, and Stereo Mixer 1U  Modules via included 3-pin cable

US$189, though I will say, everything Intellijel has been absolutely top-grade quality-wise.

Now, nice as this is, one of my favorite modules of all time remains the Noise Tools 1U. I had to actually look up the price again and – $99 is honestly a no-brainer. Having this module is one of the things keeping my Eurorack rig ultra-compact. But I’ll save that for a proper review.

The real mystery: why is there a man behind a bunch of CDJs in their background image? Uhhh… live set, please? With the modules I just bought? Heck, if I owned a CDJ, I could sell it and then buy more Intellijel. Maybe I’d even work out some kind of CV-controlled MP3 players and use the Xfade 1U.