Arturia has a big update for their flagship polysynth, the PolyBrute. V3 adds 7 types of distortion, expanded effects routing and tuning, a new stereo layer mode, and more.

Also, I’m sorry, you’ll again be hit with the Arturia drinking game – it’s another Arturia news item that mentions “Germanium.” (Maybe we should play a game to see if there’s Arturia news that doesn’t.)

Here’s what’s new, in detail:

Distortion. Hit Type under modulation, and you get seven new distortion options: Subtle Tape, Classic Distortion, Soft Clip, Worn Out Tape, Germanium, BitCrusher, and DownSample.

Effects routing. Mod FX Send Routing (Settings > FX) lets you flexibly choose how to route your Modulation effect in the signal chain.

Tuning. You can now fine-tune VCO1 (Settings > Tune). There’s also now duophonic pitch bend. And choose the detune for each voice in Unison mode – Setting > Synth Voice > Voicing > Unison Detune.

Keyboard tranposition. Settings > Octave Shift Left / Right.

Stereo layer mode. So this uses two voices per note – hard panned left and right. Check Settings > Timbrality.

Envelope Reset. Hold Settings > Sustain Envelope.

Filter incoming or outputted sync. Sync In/Out option is under Settings > Sync > Source. You can also do this with MIDI Clock (Settings > Sync > Transport Send). That’s a big advantage for interconnecting gear…

Adjustable LED intensity.

Last presets saved is recalled when you boot up.

Improved performance for encoder and screen responsiveness and Modulation Amount knob accuracy.

Plus more: Glide works with the arpeggiator, there’s a visualization of Modulation Envelope Delay and LFO3, the Delay and Reverb are more precise at lower values, Pages switch with step recording, and lots of other tweaks, timesavers, and fixes.

PolyBrute Connect integration is also improved on the software side.

Here’s where to find more:

PolyBrute 3.0: What’s new

Download with complete changelog

How to install the PolyBrute firmware update

PolyBrute is available from these retailers:

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Right now as I write this, there is a $2,299.00 sale ($400 off) on demo units from Perfect Circuit – in that lovely Noir Edition:

Polybrute Noir Polyphonic Analog Keyboard Synthesizer Demo Sale

PolyBrute at Perfect Circuit

Arturia┬áPolyBrute 6-Voice Polyphonic Morphing Analog Synthesizer – Noir, Limited Edition [Sweetwater]

Arturia PolyBrute 6-voice Polyphonic Morphing Analog Synthesizer [Sweetwater]

What’s new:

There are also 250 new presets; here’s a playthrough: