Resolume continues its update churn – and expands its ubiquity as the go-to live visual tool. New in 7.17: a new recording panel with more features, expanded copy and paste, Akai APC Mini MK2 support, and still more functionality packed into its patchable modular Wire environment. Here’s the latest on Arena and Avenue:


Recording is a big one, of course – as a way of saving your work, and of using Resolume to quickly generate music videos, animations, and motion effects on the fly for use elsewhere or in other tools.

New for recording in 7.17:

  • A dedicated panel with options and saved files
  • Hardware-accelerated H.264 recording (in addition to ProRes and DXV)
  • More options: choose which layer/group/screen, specify length in musical time (beats) for easy looping, auto start/stop, and more

It’s a way better workflow than the crude options before, which dumped everything into the composition.

Copy and paste

Copy and paste effects onto layers, groups, composition, and copy/paste images in Arena and Avenue (not just Wire).

Akai APC Mini MK2

The Akai APC Mini MK2 – well, I see a bunch of these out in the wild, so I know you’re using it. They’ve fixed the brightness, basically.


Here you go:

Wire got a few new nodes; Distance Node and Replace NaN Node. You can now position the text in the Text Render node. Quickly create a comment shortcut ⌘/CTRL + M. When you have nodes selected this will create the comment around the nodes, if you have no nodes selected it just creates a comment and you can start jotting away. The Insert Pack shortcut (⌘/CTRL + P) can be used to quickly combine two, three or four nodes that output the Float type into a Float2, Float3 or Float4 type. We added an option to select unused nodes so you can quickly clean up your patch. And of course there are various other small improvements and bug fixes.

Resolume 7.17 Released | Improved Recording, Copy & Paste Effects & Images, Akai APC Mini MK2 Support, Wire Improvements