In the deluge of videos from Berlin’s Superbooth synth show, don’t miss the walkthrough by Brian Bamanya (Afrorack). The Ugandan artist finds some of the most unique instruments and gives them the time they deserve.

The only things missing from this video are references and chapter indications, so I’ve taken the liberty of adding those!

1:30 Markus Mueller’s Nebula Euphone, which is like the glass armonica’s brutal, black metal resonant cousin (shown last year but still a major highlight)

3:50 Vlad from Soma Laboratory, new Flux synthesizer, a sort of futuristic cross between Martenot, Theremin, and Haken Continuum – and a nice addition to that legacy!

6:30 some serious Ableton Push 3 finger drumming action by Rick Feds in the Ableton booth – for more of that, Ableton did a nice round-up a while back. He gives you a full breakdown of the parts there, too.

11:20 OXI One cameo which then sets the soundtrack and then lightning round –

12:52 The new Phase 8, as Korg Berlin continues to evolve their resonator instrument concept (great jam from Brian!)

13:30 Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Lab 2

14:14 Percussion synthesizer from Christian Guenther – CG PRODUCTS (can’t find their site but Schneidersladen carries them)!

And then you get the aftershow vibe.

Thanks, Brian!

“Forgive me for my sweat.”

Rick Feds.