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Pacemaker (AI DJ app) brings us some cool new collaboration possibilities

Pacemaker (AI DJ app) brings us some cool new collaboration possibilities to their app allowing user to co-create mixtapes and publish them to the Pacemaker community

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Two Pacemaker – Spotify Screenshots That Show For Serious DJing, Downloads Are Here to Stay

Sometimes, images say it all. Pictured below is what happens when you try to use Pacemaker’s Spotify functionality on the iPad without an Internet connection. Tracks simply don’t play at all. Even though Spotify Premium users have offline access to their tracks when listening one at a time, you won’t be able to DJ that […]

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Mixing Spotify with iPad, Pacemaker Might Be DJing’s New Killer App for the Masses [Hands On]

It’s been a while since digital DJing has seen a bona fide major hit. Traktor continues to dominate the scene. But Traktor is still software molded for the professional DJ, and particularly those in the club scene. When Traktor came to the iPad, it saw a significantly-streamlined interface, but the underlying functionality remains geared for […]

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Tonium Pacemaker Mobile DJ Device Now on Amazon, US$499

The pocketable DJ tool Pacemaker is now available here in the US at $499. That price is considerably more realistic than expected pricing earlier on, though it still fits in a funny sort of slot: it’s not quite the equivalent of pro DJ gear, which costs much more, but it’s still pricier than your run-of-the-mill […]

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Pacemaker Mobile DJ Thing, Live in Miami

We’ve seen lots of gadget lust around the tiny Pacemaker mobile DJ device, but could you, say, show up in Miami with one and DJ? Alfred Nerstu, who’s actually an Assistant Art Director for Pacemaker’s maker Tonium (not a PR person), sends along this video they made. Answer: yes, you can be taken seriously with […]

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Everyone and their dog seems to be trying to get into the social Web, but Tonium, the folks who built the pricey but slick-looking Pacemaker mobile DJ player, have an interesting take. They’re combining mobile hardware, mixing and media management and software, and social site in one integrated service. It’s a bit like iTunes, Beatport, […]

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CES: Pacemaker DJ Mobile Gear to Cost $700?!

Darth Vader, your garage door opener has arrived. We first took a look at the Pacemaker DJ when it was announced in May. The idea is interesting: it’s a mobile 120GB hard drive with touch controls for internal mixing/cross-fading, effects, a separate cueing output, and pitch control, along with rich format support (even OGG, FLAC, […]

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Pacemaker: 120GB Pocket DJ MP3 Player

We’ve seen DJ parties with iPods and now handheld remote controls for DJ software. But what about building mixing features into the portable player itself? That’s the idea of the Pacemaker, a new portable player promised for Fall. Pacemaker site (Warning: auto-plays music) Tonium, the mysterious manufacturers’ site DJ features and mixing are internal to […]

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UnReaL, Born in Flamez: music from a trans-human future

Ed.: There’s a record release entirely in etched glass, shaped like a pyramid. There’s an artist who is not only post-genre, but post-gender, and trans-… human. There’s a collective that steps calmly from grimy basement to global festival, talks about occulture and “magick,” and juggles queer partys and zines. For anyone sick of the predictable […]

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DIY synth legend Ray Wilson needs help in cancer fight

He’s one of the most prolific people in DIY synths – but now he faces crippling healthcare bills. Help Ray Wilson’s family help their Dad fight back.

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