GBP15 Doppler Effect for Windows, More Free/Cheap Windows Goodies

In response to yesterday’s Doppler Birthday Roundup, Adrian Anders points us to a terrific-looking Doppler plug-in for just GBP15: Spacestation [Windows VST] My colleagues at Computer Music like it, but here’s my kind of endorsement (from KVR: “. . . I spent the evening in front of my monitors listening to the same noise swirling […]

Important Update Watch: Cakewalk SONAR 5.0.1

Cakewalk’s SONAR 5 has been getting some rave reviews in the press, but if you’ve been having issues with the upgrade (particularly with MIDI functionality), you’ll want to check out the new 5.0.1 update. Cakewalk says the update “addresses numerous customer reported issues.” That includes many improvements to stability and consistency, including: CPU meters now […]

11/30: Laptop Musicians Go Into Battle in Philly

Seclusiasis Studios is hosting a laptop battle tomorrow evening (Wed. 11/30); I can’t go but drop me a line if you’re involved or happen to make it and do take photos. They’ve got some serious judges involved: recording faculty from Temple University, electronic musician Charles Cohen, and the music promotions director for Urban Outfitters. Some […]

Design Your Own Mawzer Music/VJ Controller, Online

If you’ve ever dreamed of a custom controller you could assemble in modular, Lego-like fashion, you’ll love the idea of the Mawzer custom control surface. Adrian Anders points our attention to a new online configurator, so you can try out your own controller creation. (The link is at the bottom right of the page, labeled […]

MOTU 828 mkII Audio Interface Goes USB 2.0: Whither FireWire?

MOTU, long a big advocate of FireWire for audio, announced this week it will offer its 828 mk II interface in a USB 2.0 version. They’ll continue to offer the FireWire version, and the two interfaces offer the same features and performance, so the choice is really a matter of what computer connections you have […]

Happy Birthday, Doppler! Sounds, Sights, and Software of the Doppler Effect

November 29 is the 205th birthday anniversary of Christian Doppler, the Austrian mathematician and physicist who hypothesized what’s now called the Doppler Effect. (You know, that effect when an ambulance or other fast-moving vehicle flies by and the perceived pitch changes.) That calls for Doppler trivia, astrophysics, audio software, and a drink. In celebration, go […]

PAiA Synth Kit Founder John Simonton Has Died

I’m saddened to learn that John Simonton, synthesizer kit pioneer and founder of synth kit maker PAiA Electronics, has died. Simonton broke ground by bringing synthesis to the tinkerer, in an affordable, kit form. He’s considered by some to be the “Godfather of DIY synths.” There’s already a blog devoted to memories of Mr. Simonton […]

Linux Music: Fervent Releases Studio to Go! Download Edition

The folks at Fervent Software have released a much-requested download edition of their tweaked Linux music distro, Studio-to-Go. Basically, it’s the same as the CD version, only you can get that instant gratification feeling. More importantly, Fervent is working on a Linux audio forum — much needed, as even modern desktop Linux can raise questions […]

Linux Music: LMMS, Linux’s Own “Fruity Loops”?

Sure, we’ve heard lots of promises about Linux audio before, but until Linux gets a killer app for actual music making, what’s the point? Enter LMMS, the Linux MultiMedia Studio. LMMS is a loop-friendly, all-in-one tracker / sequencer / groove-maker with built-in instruments, a la FL Studio (aka Fruity Loops) on Windows. In contrast to […]

RozzBox Synth: Box, Knobs, Sequencers, 4-op FM

Attention, fans of boxes with knobs: I haven’t abandoned you. Especially not when boutique synths seem to be all the rage. Here’s the latest, via Gearjunkies: L.L. Electronics RozzBox [non-German readers, just click specs] No plastic here: aluminum with maple sides. Inside, you’ll find a 4-operator FM synth with adjustable glide (looks like you could […]