Lounge Lizard EP-3 Modeled Electric Piano Coming Soon

Updates to favorite keyboard soft synths — always a good thing. In addition to looking forward to Native Instruments’ sequel to their B4 organ synth, another modeled-instrument fave is getting a big upgrade soon: Lounge Lizard EP-3 The current Lounge Lizard is already a joy to play: Applied Acoustics nails the feel and sound of […]

Happy Thanksgiving, America!

To our American readers, a very Happy Thanksgiving! And to everyone else, we’ll be having an extra slice of pumpkin pie for you. Synthesizer lovers, yes, you can find Thanksgiving music arranged for synthesizers. God Bless the Internet. But Thanksgiving has another deep significance for us at CDM: it’s a celebration of lip-syncing. Or, at […]

Native Instruments B4 II Organ Soft Synth

Native Instruments’ beloved B4 organ soft synth now has a sequel, available now. The B4 II is a major overhaul of emulated organ, with a new “more authentic” sound and features. Building on Native’s success emulating amps and effects in Guitar Rig, B4 II has a new emulated tube amp, spring reverb, and studio reverb. […]

Superstar VJ: The Animated Comic!

The day after I do a VJ roundup, my friend Holly Daggers has turned VJing into a graphic novel. It’s wetcircuits presents VJ comix, a Flash-animated color comic book about the on-the-road life of a superstar VJ. Busta Rhymes, Miri Ben Ari, and All Mighty Senators are featured, plus a tour of unknown origin by […]

Music Luggage: Moog Gig Bag

The life of a mobile musician one can be a trying one: you always wind up with a few extra pieces of gear that don’t quite fit in your bags. That’s why, even if you don’t own any Moog gear, the new Moog multi-purpose gig looks promising. Thick foam dividers and shell keep your musical […]

Take My Breath Away: Waves Vocal Effects Bundle

Waves, the people behind some highly-respected, extremely high-end audio processing effects, have turned their attention to singers. The new Vocal Bundle includes some old favorites, plus relatively new automatic tuning and pitch correction and breath removal plugins. The bundle includes: Tune Automatic pitch correction and “melody transformation.” (also available separately for US$600 list) DeBreath Breath […]

Miniature Studios: Gear Lust Meets Toys ‘R Us

Music thing, you’ve got us beat on this one. Our friend Tom Whitwell has gone completely crazy for miniature synthesizer toys. I’m almost scared to look at your site for fear of what freakishly detailed toy synth setup will appear next, Tom. I’ve got nothing on this, so let’s just look at CDM’s toy moments […]

Live Visuals / VJing Resources Mega-Roundup

Welcome, Keyboard Laptops Live and Computer Music Readers! Feel free to say hi and check out the rest of the site. Photo: Vello Virkhaus with Red Hot Chili Peppers in London (thanks, Vello!) Live visuals for keyboardists? Absolutely: if you’ve got MIDI chops, slick new tools can help you tickle projected imagery while you tickle […]

VJ Jackie Passmore Tours with Ladytron, Armed with PowerBook

Jackie Passmore is a talented VJ touring with Ladytron (and, in spring 2006, Stereolab). There are some talented genes in this family: her brother was the lead programmer of Acid. (Sorry, not the other Acid I was thinking of.) Thanks to sponsorship from Korg, she accompanies her Apple laptop with a Korg video mixer and […]

$20,000 Analog Synth, Reviewed at Keyboard: Buchla 200e

There are two ways you can get close to a new 200e analog synth from Buchla. Either (1) Spend $19,850 for an 18-panel unit or (2) Be Jim Aikin, and review it for Keyboard. Buchla 200e: Programmable Modular Synthesizer [Keyboard Magazine Review] (Thanks to Matrixsynth for pointing to this, and a Buchla video.) I can’t […]