Waiting for Apple . . .

Ah, the life of a Mac user. You can buy your PC every time you want, but the Mac user lives in constant fear of buying a new PowerBook two days before Apple unveils a surprise upgrade. I’m in that very boat right now, and then Apple announces it’s holding a press event today in […]

Apple Introduces New PowerBooks: “Pixel Bump”

As CDM expected, Apple has unveiled new hardware: New PowerBooks are available now, with 1440 x 960 resolution on the 15″ (the old 17″ resolution) and 1680 x 1050 (equivalent to the 20″ desktop display) on the 17″ model. Battery life is improved by 22%, and the models support the Apple 30″ display, but prices […]

Super-Fast New Apple Desktops; Pro Music Heaven

Apple’s PowerBook announcement is a little disappointing for power-hungry mobile musicians (more pixels, but no more power), but their desktop news is drool-worthy. By next month, they’ll be shipping quad G5 systems (dual processor, dual core), and they’re shipping dual-core machines now, all with faster RAM and faster video. The Power Mac line, starting at […]

VJ Book, VJ Party, VJ Movie, Music Player Live, Game Boy Music

An incredible amount of stuff coming up here in NYC: VJ Book: Paul Spinrad’s new The VJ Book is packed with interviews and how-to information and ships with a DVD full of VJ samples, mixable content, and demo software. (Paul and I got to work together on an upcoming issue of Make Magazine, which you’ll […]

Drool-Worthy Sytrus 2 Synth from Fruity Loops Creators (Win)

Finally, the power to choose: some of the best bundled synths are getting unbundled so you can use them with whatever host you want (cough, Ableton Live). Days after Cakewalk launched their own Dimension Pro synth (a Pro version of a synth that’s included in Project5), the folks at Image Line (better known as the […]

Should CDM Launch Video Sibling?

Video is increasingly part of performance, and you’ll notice the major VJ hardware makers — Roland/Edirol and Korg — also happen to be musical instrument manufacturers. Roland and Edirol are even building in automatic communication between their keyboards and their VJ hardware, from low to high end. I think video will increasingly become part of […]

$19 Windows VST “Swiss Army Synth”

So, you want to make some noise, but you don’t want to spend a lot of cash? Check out PowerFX’s new bargain-basement sample-based subtractive synth, the Swiss Army Synth. (via Harmony Central) It does virtual analog synthesis, it does sample playback, and it’s dirt cheap. This bad boy has an interface only a mother could […]

Gibson’s Digital Les Paul Guitar: Innovation or Reinvention?

Gibson has been crowing about a digital Les Paul guitar for a long time. The first I remember reading about it was the breathless January 2004 article in Wired. Their proprietary tech for carrying audio over Ethernet was mysteriously called “Magic.” Sample quote: “Like Sony and Philips with the compact disc 20 years ago, Gibson […]

VJ Gear (Cheap One): motion dive .tokyo performance package

Computer VJing is about to hit prime time, thanks to gains in computer performance. Mixing 2-channel 640×480 Photo JPEG-compressed video is finally possible — no more 320x240x15 jaggies. One of the tools I’m most excited about is the new Edirol hardware/software package, and I got to try it out at AES.

VJ Gear (Expensive One): V-440 Takes Video Mixing HD

While we’re on the subject of VJing, curious what the future looks like? Think HD. Amateur VJs need not apply. Edirol has unveiled pricing and availability on their new V-440 HD Multiformat Video Mixer, and it’s not for mortals: US$$12,995 — an incredible deal for HD mixing if you’ve ever priced pro video equipment, but, […]