Women and Electronic Music: It’s Not Just Dudes

People all-too-commonly imagine that electronic music is dominated entirely by men, when it simply isn’t the case. While the world of electronic music is certainly heavily tilted to the male side, part of the problem is that women too often get less attention, less credit, less PR, and less widespread dissemination of their music — […]

Pro Tools HD 7 October 7?

Our friend Tim points us to this ad, apparently in EQ Magazine, in which Digidesign promises version 7 of Pro Tools HD on October 7. (Notice it specifies HD, not LE, in the ad; LE and M-Powered are likely to lag a little.) This isn’t any huge surprise — if nothing else, Digi has run […]

HHB: The Mic that Records; High-End Recorders

The hunt for mobile recording solutions continues, and yesterday brings breaking news: flash memory has even found its way into a microphone: New HHB FlashMic Is World’s First Digital Recording Microphone [HHB PR] Fasinating, but not terribly useful to musicians: you’re limited to mono recording, since the mic is the recorder. Some interesting features, though: […]

Drumming for Katrina Victims: $25 “New Orleans Strut” Loops for Habitat

Musicians continue to band together for the victims of Katrina in the New Orleans area and Mississippi. For just $25, you can get 100% of your money to Habitat for Humanity for rebuilding homes, and get an amazing library of drum loop samples from some of America’s drumming masters to lift your musical spirits: Spectrasonics […]

CD Baby: Independent Artists for Red Cross

Another fundraiser for victims of Katrina, by way of our friend David Battino at O’Reilly Digital Media: CD Baby: 100% of Profits to Red Cross Thousands of artists are participating, and CD Baby is certainly an outfit I trust. We at CDM always advocate supporting independent music, so I certainly can’t resist pointing this one […]

Ars Electronica Roundup: Futuristic Tech in Linz

Ars Electronica is one the premiere events of the interactive tech world, and this year was apparently no exception. Good luck deciphering the stream-of-consciousness blog entries on the festival, though; I sure can’t. I’ve tried to pull some of the best references here (via a wiki of weblog action: Ars Electronica Review [pieceofplastic.com] Ars Electronica […]

ICMC: Photos from Computer Music Conference

Chris O’Shea is back from the ICMC . (That’s the International Computer Music Conference in Barcelona, not to be confused with the International Catholic Migration Commision.) It’s a huge summit for computer music gurus, with an emphasis this year on “free sound,” open source, and plenty of new experimental interfaces. Hope to have more from […]

Gameboy Music with LSDJ: Workshops, Tips, Photos, MP3s

Gameboy guru Gijs Geikes rocks LSDJ with workshop participants, and even the mysterious interface of this tracker-style instrument for Nintendo systems can capture audiences’ imagination. Gijs has just posted some photos of his workshops in action, complete with sample MP3s and (best of all) some great tips for making sounds with LSDJ. Click the “Instruments” […]

ROKR, Nano, and Why Apple Will Rule the Music Industry

By now, I’m sure you’ve read enough about Apple’s new iPod Nano, Motorola’s iTunes-based ROKR phone, and the new iTunes. If not, my colleagues over at Macworld have some of the most in-depth coverage around. But consider this: over the last few months, we’ve seen pundits predict that the public will cool to iPod while […]

Korg’s Digital Legacy: Wavestation, M1 in Software Form

Korg’s previous Legacy Collection unearthed some of the music electronics giant’s back catalog in analog synths. But for many of us, Korg nostalgia means the M1 and Wavestation synths. The new Korg Legacy Collection Digital Edition brings back those very synths, at a price that’s more than competitive with buying the original off eBay. US$199 […]