Digitally Modeling Percussion: DJ/Scientist Cynthia Bruyns

[Updated: Had the wrong record label — it’s not Muti, it’s Pretension. Though Pretension is also cool.] I asked readers to brag about their work, and, wow, does Cynthia Bruyns have amazing things to brag about: She’s a DJ — check out her mixes She’s working part-time with Apple’s Interactive Media group She’s involved with […]

David Byrne’s Playing the Building, Saturday in Stockholm: Architectural Music

By architectural music, I don’t mean some sort of funky digital installation. David Byrne’s new installation uses the pipes, metal beams, and girders of the Färgfabriken space in Stockholm as a musical instrument. It is definitely an installation (though the curator tries to say it’s not): there are automatic blowers forcing air through pipes, motors […]

AmpliTube 2: Foot Controller Goes Metal, Ad Campaign Goes Bimbo

Don’t want to say too much about the new AmpliTube 2 as I’ll be meeting with IK this Friday at AES, but here’s the quick story: AmpliTube 2 is hot. AmpliTube’s new ad campaign (“Super Modeling”) is hott– no, actually, kind of insulting and sexist. (Cue Spinal Tap quote: “Sexy? What’s wrong with being sexy?”) […]

How to Market Your AES Product: A CDM Guide

When I see a product like the new Aurora LT-ADAT LSlot Expansion Card, I think hot. Yet, sadly, the folks at Lynx Studios just send out a bland press release and product photo. In the spirit of selling AmpliTube with Swedish models, I humbly submit my own mascot. And to avoid allegations of being sexist, […]

Coming Friday: AES Hits NYC, Lots of Audio News Expected

This Friday, it’s a blowout of audio tech here in New York for the Audio Engineering Society convention. I’ll be doing my rounds on Friday; if you’re going to be around, drop me a line. You’ll want to stay tuned in this weekend, as we’re expecting new announcements from Native Instruments as well as plenty […]

XP10 DJ Controller/Sound card/Software: Scratch with MIDI

The XP10 is a controller for digital DJs, with a “high precision” wheel for cueing and scratching similar to those found on many scratchable DJ CD players. Coupled with the included Bison software for your computer, it can act as a DJ mixer for MP3s, with OGG support in the works. (Currently, the software only […]

Mixman USB Scratch Hardware Update; MIDI Support “Illegal”

While we’re on the subject of scratch controllers, I love my Mixman DM2 USB controller. I use it on Windows to control VJ applications (and occasionally scratch audio samples in performance, too). After all, why should the DJs get to have all of the fun? The ring doesn’t feel terrific exactly — sure, I’d love […]

Broken Link: PSmaX PlayStation – to – Music Adapter!

Missing in action: The PSmaX Max patch / standalone app for translating PlayStation controls into MIDI. I’m investigating what’s happened to this file; stay tuned. If you have any information about the whereabouts of this terrific tool, please drop me a line.

David Ellis’ Turntable Trunks and Other Digital Deck Art

CDM’s report on spinning tech continues . . . New York David Ellis doesn’t treat turntables the way some of us do. His turntables get wired to custom electronics, installed in tree trunks, and shown in galleries: Opening at Feigan Contemporary [Single-eYe-twiligghT; scroll down] All of this is possible through the magic of Ms. Pinky, […]

Grubby Hands Update: SONAR 5 Shipping, First Impressions

On the CDM Grubby Hands Radar, we’re able to track what new stuff is getting into people’s hands. I mean, I know how much you guys enjoy reading the Harmony Central press release, but if you like using the stuff even better, we want to know when that box will arrive. SONAR 5, the latest […]