Tascam HD-P2 High-Def Flash Recorder: DAT’s All, Folks

Now we’re talking. Tascam’s upcoming HD-P2 is finally a portable Compact Flash recorder that doesn’t skimp on pro features. Incredibly, its street price will be under US$1000, but the preliminary specs read like a device costing a lot more, and by providing timecode input on a cheap device, it’s an indie filmmaker’s dream recorder: Up […]

iKey $149 Portable USB Recorder: Gemini Responds In-Depth

I took a first look at Gemini’s new iKey portable recording device, first on its own, then in a roundup of portable recording products. Basically, it’s a 2 lb. box that connects to an RCA line in and outputs MP3s or WAV files onto a USB key. Gemini iKey [Product Page] I was initially critical […]

@AES: Novation’s New Soft Synth-Playing Smart Keyboard Hands-on

Controlling soft synths with keyboards can be a pain, only because it often requires messing around with templates or MIDI learn to map hardware knobs and faders to onscreen controls. Propellerhead’s Remote is a fantastic two-way protocol that allows your keyboard to automatically control synths — but it only works in Reason. What about the […]

Native Instruments Reaktor “Experience” Party in Los Angeles: Friday

Okay, in an ideal world I’d be on a plane to L.A. to experience the Reakt audio/visual “experience” this Friday. But I’m tired, and have my own A/V experience gigs to get ready for, so I’m staying here in NYC. Let me tell you, instead: Reakt is a massive party in downtown L.A. featuring some […]

More Details on Guitar Rig 2 Computer Guitar System

Well, it seems there’s some confusion over how Guitar Rig 2’s interface works. Previous versions of Guitar Rig sent control data from the foot pedal as audio signal, a system that caused more complex configuration in some hosts and, honestly, wasn’t terribly popular among users. Part of what’s cool about the new Rig Kontrol 2 […]

Music as Activism: iTunes Videos Could Help Sudan + Indie Film

Indie film and iTunes? Maybe hard to believe a day after the announcement when you can only watch a few ABC TV shows or Pixar shorts, but Dave Ahl of Modiba Productions writes us in with an optimistic take: I just wanted to let you know how revolutionary Apple’s announcement regarding paid downloadable video segements […]

@AES: “Subversive” Hipno Plug-ins Use Color, Game Pads, Webcams

Cycling ’74 has released a new collection of plug-ins I’ve been eagerly anticipating, developed by a team from Electrotap. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill audio effects and virtual instrument: think spectral and granular sound, wild filter/delay stuff, morphing color-palette interfaces, and input from gamepads and webcams: Cycling ’74 Hipno “Subversive” Plug-in Collection US$199 for a whole […]

Earth to Apple: Don’t Ignore Your Pro Customers

So Apple has introduced new video features for its iMac, iPod, and iTunes. That’s great news, and it looks like, as usual, they’ve done a bang-up job. The bad news is, Apple’s pro customers have been more or less in the dark over the past months about a few major issues. That doesn’t mean I […]

@AES: Digital Guitar Stompbox Smackdown

AES is supposed to be about high-end gear for audio engineers, but apparently no one told the sparring rival computer guitar effects makers. In this corner, from Modena, Italy, the reigning champion: IK Multimedia AmpliTube. And in this corner, from Berlin, Germany, the challenger: Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2. Photos and comparison after the break.

@AES: Why Software Guitar FX Aren’t Just for Guitars

When you see a name like NI’s Guitar Rig, or a Swedish babe holding a guitar next to IK’s AmpliTube, you probably think about, you know, guitars. (I can hear at least one of my colleagues at Keyboard Mag groaning, “Ewwwww . . . guitars.”) But look closely at either of these products behind the […]