Scratch for Less, Scratch Your Computer: Which is Your Turntable of Choice?

Scratching: it’s not just for DJs. It’s a musical instrument taught at the Berklee College of Music. Using a product like Final Scratch, you can use turntable scratching as an interface to your computer. Using the more affordable Ms. Pinky, you can even interface with video apps and control Max/MSP and Jitter. Pink looks equally […]

Vintage Peter Gabriel Gear Porn: Larry Fast / Synergy

Larry Fast, Photos and Info on Collaboration with Peter Gabriel You know you’re in analog gear porn heaven when you read captions like this: “Micromoog, Oberheim S-2 digital sequencer with CV and Trigger switching matrix; Moog Model 15 sitting on top of two additional racks of assorted Moog modules; 360 Systems Pitch Shifter (used to […]

Time Warp: Back Issues of Vintage Synth Mag Synergy (What About Keyboard?)

Back in the day, indeed. Cynthia at Cyndustries (see previous post) has been busily uploading scanned back issues of vintage late-70s electronic music magazine Synergy. There’s tons of vintage Oberheim, Moog, ARP, Yamaha, Korg, EMS and other gear, of course. But you’ll also find some great music: Allen Strange, Eno, Larry Fast (on the brain […]

Numark’s $99 Portable Turntable, Torture Tested in the Burning Man Desert

CDM’s resident spinner, DJ Eldorado, brings us a review of Numark’s ultra-portable, US$99 turntable, the PT01. But he didn’t just see if it could pass muster in his bedroom: he preferred more extreme conditions. Here’s his full review:

Traktor DJ 3: Four Decks, More Features, Full Analysis

Two programs are leading the computer’s charge into the DJ booth. Ableton Live is the non-traditional approach, embraced by electronic musicians and DJs wanting the power to tinker with their beats as they go. Native Instruments’ Traktor DJ remains the choice of traditionalists. Yesterday, Traktor got a major update — it’s all-about beat-synced effects, hardware […]

“Interactive” Review of Live 5 on Harmony Central

Those of us reviewing products know that readers aren’t just looking to our reviews for advice. You’re digging through the user forums, too. Usually, we don’t get to talk to each other, readers and writers. Harmony Central is trying a new experimental format that does just that, with one of the hottest releases of the […]

Circuit-bent Lightbulb Music at Tokyo Dorkbot; Tokyo Writer Wanted!

If you missed the evolving Dorkbot event in May, you missed some fantastic flourescent light bulb performance and djing with human bodies as electrical swithces. (The former I’ve heard done by a different artist; beautiful, wild sounds.) You’ve got a second chance: Dorkbot is due again on the 2nd of October with bending circuits apparently […]

Free Cel-Shaded Fuzz Effect (Mac/Windows)

The cel-shaded effect hipness from the gang at AudioDamage continues. First, the $39 Dubstation. (See previous coverage.) Now, an update to Fuzz+, a free fuzz box. What’s good here: simple controls (sigh of relief), and a bypass switch you can automate so you can use it stompbox style: FuzzPlus 2 [Audio Damage, VST] Music thing […]

Obsessive-Compulsive Multi-Tap Delay: PSP 608 (Mac/Windows)

The PSP 608 reduces other multi-tap delays to tears. 24-bit, 192 kHz, of course, but check the specs: feedback, stereo image and position, delay time, multimode filter, modulation, drive/tape saturation, and reverb for each individual tap. There’s a full-featured LFO and envelope follower for modulation, and with MIDI control of each parameter, yes, you could […]

SpectraFoo, Beloved Audio Power Tool, Finally on OS X

If you have to ask, you probably don’t need it. But if you’re a hardcore audio engineer, odds are you already love SpectraFoo for its insanely powerful metering and analysis options. And you may still be booting an old PowerBook into Mac OS 9 just to run it, because SpectraFoo — until last week — […]