Free Cel-Shaded Fuzz Effect (Mac/Windows)

The cel-shaded effect hipness from the gang at AudioDamage continues. First, the $39 Dubstation. (See previous coverage.) Now, an update to Fuzz+, a free fuzz box. What’s good here: simple controls (sigh of relief), and a bypass switch you can automate so you can use it stompbox style: FuzzPlus 2 [Audio Damage, VST] Music thing […]

Obsessive-Compulsive Multi-Tap Delay: PSP 608 (Mac/Windows)

The PSP 608 reduces other multi-tap delays to tears. 24-bit, 192 kHz, of course, but check the specs: feedback, stereo image and position, delay time, multimode filter, modulation, drive/tape saturation, and reverb for each individual tap. There’s a full-featured LFO and envelope follower for modulation, and with MIDI control of each parameter, yes, you could […]

SpectraFoo, Beloved Audio Power Tool, Finally on OS X

If you have to ask, you probably don’t need it. But if you’re a hardcore audio engineer, odds are you already love SpectraFoo for its insanely powerful metering and analysis options. And you may still be booting an old PowerBook into Mac OS 9 just to run it, because SpectraFoo — until last week — […]

Moog PianoBar + Other Digital Acoustic Pianos

Here’s a truly “retro” device from the folks at Moog — the PianoBar is a device that retrofits your acoustic piano as a MIDI instrument, without the nasty installation process that usually entails. The device is actually the brainchild of synth legend Don Buchla, not Bob Moog as you might assume. The design is relatively […]

Glowing Blue Moog Wall Clock

Hey kids, know what time it is? It’s Moog time — and that means it’s time to put tacky, geeky wall clocks with glowing blue neon on your wall. Truly kitschy enough that I might be willing to part with US$219. Moog Music Wall Clock Check out the Moogwear section of the site for still […]

Nintendo’s Revolution Controller and the Future of Music Hardware

Nintendo has done it again with its wireless control for the upcoming Revolution console: it’s a design that’s different, exciting, and, well, potentially confusing at the same time. I’ll steer clear of what this means for gaming, but it does show some clear promise as a glimpse of the future of digital musical instruments: Wireless: […]

GyroMice for Music: A (Nintendo) Revolution on Your Mac/PC?

Pointing and hand gestures: they’re powerful means of interracting, and make sense for music. The only problem is having to be tied to a desk in a performance, as with a mouse. Nintendo’s upcoming controller shows promise for what interractions could be like in the not-too-distant future (if other tech companies follow their lead). But […]

Livid’s New VJ Hardware/Software Combo

Software alone is a painful way to VJ, without something to trigger and control clips and effects. Livid’s Tactic hardware had the right idea, with buttons for clips, faders and knobs for layering and effects, and even a built-in LCD — plus a lovely polished-wood case. (No cheap plastic here.) But it also had a […]

VJing with a Hardware-Centered Rig: Go, Go, Holly Daggers

“For me, it’s like a music video,” says Holly. “What I do has more to do with go-go dancing than a DJ. I am the video equivalent of a go-go dancer.” My story on NYC VJ Holly Daggers (of Eyewash fame) is now available online from Keyboard Magazine: VJ Holly Daggers: Go-Go Music Videos Go […]

Historic Keys Sampled: Clavichords, Virginals, More for Logic, Kontakt, Giga, Halion

Let’s talk about vintage keys. No, not Minimoogs and Roland Junos. I mean really vintage keys: 17th and 18th Century clavichords. Assuming you don’t work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, why not turn to our friends at Post Musical Instruments (PMI) for some sample libraries: PMI Clavichords (New from PMI; US$55) PMI Historic Keyboards […]