More Digital String Installation Things!

Régine of Near Near Future has some more interactive strings, along the lines of last week’s laser harp: Interactive strings (Cellists out there are probably wondering why the idea of “interactive strings” is new. Well, clearly you don’t und. . . um . . . okay, you’ve got me.) Anyway, this stuff is big business. […]

Les Paul Headlines Music Player Live Conference, NYC October

MusicPlayer Live is coming to NYC, headlined by no less than the inventor of the solidbody electric guitar, Les Paul: Music Player Live Conference [Music Player] The event is quite a convergence: aside from seminars by writers for Music Player publications (like yours truly, on behalf of Keyboard), there will be the usual music tech […]

Burning Man: Laser Harps, Improbable Orchestra Knob Boxes

For some of the most bizarre and unusual music-sound installation art, look no further than Burning Man. Burning, indeed: this desert-based event has in the past featured Eric Singer’s Max/MSP-controlled pyrophone, a propane-powered flaming sound organ. (And, incidentally, that installation is making a repeat appearance this year.) And what better activity when in the middle […]

DS + ElectroPlankton for Music: More Details, Hacking Mic

Tom Wilburn continues to document music-making using a Nintendo DS and Nintendo’s bizarre game, ElectroPlankton. Since we last checked in with him, he’s gotten further content up, plus an evolving table-of-contents. Composing with ElectroPlankton: Table of Contents [Mile Zero] There’s just one hitch: it’d be great to get audio into the Nintendo DS via a […]

Build a Better Music Interface: Railfans (as in Trains) Show You How

Don’t wait for M-Audio to create the controller of your dreams. DIY. Of all places, some railfans (yes, that’s as in railroads, trains, you know, choo-choos) are giving us some great resources: USB train controller ReDAC USB voltage – to – I/O Full-size train control cab Custom, programmable keyboards and other USB inputs Connect a […]

Optronica Reports: Music + VJs Converge on London

Just received a dispatch from the good folks of Res on last month’s Optronica show in London, which mixed visuals and sound in a blowout featuring visual acts, live A/V, cinema, VJs, and DJs from around the world. Oh yes, and everyone’s favorite large screen — IMAX. (See previous report). Video clips of the artists: […]

Dream DJ Furniture: 00, Wood for Vinyl Lovers

Designer Reynold Rodriguez writes CDM with details of his 00, a luxury turntable stand that’s “really about people who dig vinyl, own hundred of records and have their turntables setup on top of cinder blocks.” More after the jump.

Spin: Short Movie Makes a Turntablist God

You deserve a break today, so I’ll be featuring some short attention span theater for electronic music fans. -PK Spin answers the terrifying question of what would happen if a turntablist had power over life and death. Just think what he could have done with Ableton Live’s Warp Markers. Take Spin for a spin; let […]

Roland TB-303: The Movie

Short attention span theater continues . . . Nate Harrison’s bassline bassline is a video investigation of the rise and fall of the Roland TB-303 electronic bassline and, somehow, electronic music as a whole. It gets philosophical, too: the video: “attempts to explore how and why creative tools fail and how increasingly more options, parameters […]

Gemini iKey Recorder: BYO Hard Drive (Huh?)

Here’s a novel solution to the need for portable recording: the new Gemini iKey lets you leave the computer at home for recording, but only provided you connect your own USB hard drive. (See Harmony Central; nothing posted at Gemini’s site as I write this.) The good news: it only costs US$229 and lets you […]