SONAR 5: Windows Audio App Adds Synths, Reverb, Features

Hear that? It’s the first shots fired in yet another round of Mega DAW Upgrades, this time from our friends at Cakewalk. The banner headline is lots of new synths — not quite on the level of Logic Pro, but still nice to have. And there are plenty of time-saving little features in there, too, […]

Epic Game Soundtracks: Jade Empire, Advent Rising

CDM’s resident game composer Brent is back, this time with a soundtrack review of some of the hottest games out. Oh, yeah, and he’s also officialy making me want an Xbox. -PK Game developers and publishers continue to give focus to the power of audio in today’s games. Whether PC, Mac or console, audio plays […]

Mbox 2 Details: Inserts, Mic Pres, Handle Removal

Digidesign’s new Mbox 2 has some of you excited, others unimpressed — but we were missing some details about how it differs from the original Mbox. Are the inserts gone? Does the fact that Digidesign no longer mentions “Focusrite mic pres” mean this is a downgrade, given that was a big selling point of the […]

Katrina Update: Fats Domino Rescued, Irma Thomas Located

Amidst tragic news, there are some stories of relief. As Tristan and filarion have written in to tell us, Fats Domino has been reportedly rescued by boat. The Queen of Soul, Irma Thomas, had also been reported missing but has also been located.

Digidesign Unveils New Mbox 2 — Here’s What’s Different

Digidesign has unveiled the sequel to what has been its most popular interface: Mbox 2 [Digidesign] What’s new: In brief, same basic I/O plus new MIDI in and out, slick, new case, and huge software bundle. Still only two simultaneous ins, though, not including the digital ins. More after the jump.

Why You Might Not Care About Mbox2

Ah, 4-track recording — the Tascam 4-track tape machines could do it. But Mbox2 can’t support more than two tracks of simultaneous analog inputs at once (for mic / line / guitar ins, etc.) Is that a deal killer? Not at all; there are lots of people out there who use interfaces alone, adding a […]

All Commodore 64 Music, All the Time?

I’m busy finishing — count them — 5 feature stories at once today (coffee, please?!), so that means it’s time to check in on the rest of the blogosphere. It’s “I love the 80s” time again on this week’s Best Music Blog. Words cannot describe the geeky goodness of the new Commodore 64 Music Blog. […]

Free Retro/Tape Delay Effects (Windows VST; Mac AU)

In follow-up to my story Tuesday about the new Dubstation from Audio Damage (and other assorted Dub links), ever-vigilant reader Adrian Anders is here with a couple of free VST alternatives. I still think the Dubstation may be worth US$40, but there’s no reason not to check these out, too, if you’ve got a PC. […]

XLR8R Gets Into DJs’ Bedrooms!

Some magazines have no standards, I guess. Nice work if you can get it, though. Seriously, though, the folks at XLR8R Magazine have a book out called Bedroom Rockers: Where DJs Call Home; check out a PDF sample plus parties for the book in NY (tonight), Miami, Chicago, Boston, and Berkeley, with DJs (of course) […]

ReBirth Discontinued; Old Files Free; Refill for Reason

ReBirth is the program that made Propellerheads famous; it was a brilliant emulation of the wildly popular Roland TB-303 bass and TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines and paved the way for Reason. Today, Propellerheads is putting that legacy to rest, discontinuing the application from 1997 and opening the ReBirth Museum. Among lots of other goodies, […]