Unregistered Commenting Enabled; CDM, “Blog of the High Rollers”

For those of you who haven’t noticed, I’ve quietly turned on unregistered comments again, after repeated complaints about the CDM registration system. So feel free to post in anonymity! As a side effect, of course, the Spam Commenters have returned. But there’s something charming about the casino ads. I know many CDM readers are high […]

Luc Ferrari, Leading Electronic Composer, Dies

Luc Ferrari, 1929-2005 Within a day of losing one of its greatest inventors and proponents, Bob Moog, electronic music has now lost one of its greatest compositional voices. Paris-born composer Luc Ferrari was a pioneer both of electronic and instrumental avant-garde music. He was the founding director of the Groupe de Musique Concrète in 1958 […]

8/21/05: Bob Moog Has Passed Away

I’ve just heard via Craig Anderton, sad news posted at CaringBridge: On Aug 21, 2005 Bob Moog passed away. He was a gentle and humble man with a wonderful sense of humor and a brilliance that inspired millions around the world. Your posts in the guest book have warmed our hearts. Thank You, The Moog […]

Moogmusic.com: Remembering Bob Moog; Moog Foundation Established

From our friends at Moog Music, an update. In short: there will not be a public memorial, but The Bob Moog Foundation will help advance the cause of electronic music. ASHEVILLE, N.C. — August 21, 2005 — Bob died this afternoon at his home in Asheville, N.C. He was 71. Bob was diagnosed with brain […]

Remembering Bob Moog

Previously on CDM: A Bob Moog Timeline How to use a Moog Modular Bob Moog as movie star and action figure Inside a Minimoog Voyager Moog “Analog Silence” April Fool’s Voyager Rack Mount Edition CDM’s Moog Voyager ringtone More reflections through the week; please send yours, too. Jason at ThereminWorld talks about being invited to […]

Remembering Bob Moog: Words and Videos

Thousands of musicians and colleagues around the world continue to remember Bob Moog today. As I observed today on Gizmodo, it’s hard to find a picture of Bob alone. He’s always got a smile from ear to ear, and a musician or colleague (or two or three) in his arms.Music technology writer colleagues of mine […]

Remembering Bob Moog: Composer Richard Lainhart [Updated]

Composer, author, and filmmaker Richard Lainhart (award-winning, internationally performed composer who has worked with the likes of Steve Reich and John Cage) writes CDM with memories of Bob Moog: I first met Bob Moog around 1973, when I was attending the State University of New York at Albany and studying electronic music and composition with […]

“This Spartan Life”: Halo-driven Talk Show Features Game Boy Music

Chris Burke, master Game Boy music impersario and ringleader of the 8bit collective, has a “talk show.” How different is it from “Late Night”? Let us count the ways. This Spartan Life First, there’s the setting. Guests have a tendency to get shot at — a lot. That’s the problem with hosting your talk shows […]

Saxxy: Synthesizer Saxophone-Tuba-Clarinet Kazoo!

It’s a saxophone! It’s a tuba! It’s a clarinet! It’s a kazoo! It’s none of these — it’s Saxxy! I can’t possible top the ad copy to describe this, so let’s just read and enjoy: “Saxxy™ is the fun new kazoo — a sophisticated electronic musical instrument that makes it easy for anyone to play […]

KVR.Almost: KVR Audio Gets Parodied

It had to happen sooner or later: audio plugin news and music software discussion site KVR Audio gets its own (loving) parody site: Almost KVR Sure, some of the fake news posts are sophomoric, but aside from the brilliant “Globosoft has updated Zenith Platinum Pro VX Plus + to v3.0.92.74c” news parody, you’ll find some […]