ICMC: Photos from Computer Music Conference

Chris O’Shea is back from the ICMC . (That’s the International Computer Music Conference in Barcelona, not to be confused with the International Catholic Migration Commision.) It’s a huge summit for computer music gurus, with an emphasis this year on “free sound,” open source, and plenty of new experimental interfaces. Hope to have more from […]

Gameboy Music with LSDJ: Workshops, Tips, Photos, MP3s

Gameboy guru Gijs Geikes rocks LSDJ with workshop participants, and even the mysterious interface of this tracker-style instrument for Nintendo systems can capture audiences’ imagination. Gijs has just posted some photos of his workshops in action, complete with sample MP3s and (best of all) some great tips for making sounds with LSDJ. Click the “Instruments” […]

ROKR, Nano, and Why Apple Will Rule the Music Industry

By now, I’m sure you’ve read enough about Apple’s new iPod Nano, Motorola’s iTunes-based ROKR phone, and the new iTunes. If not, my colleagues over at Macworld have some of the most in-depth coverage around. But consider this: over the last few months, we’ve seen pundits predict that the public will cool to iPod while […]

Korg’s Digital Legacy: Wavestation, M1 in Software Form

Korg’s previous Legacy Collection unearthed some of the music electronics giant’s back catalog in analog synths. But for many of us, Korg nostalgia means the M1 and Wavestation synths. The new Korg Legacy Collection Digital Edition brings back those very synths, at a price that’s more than competitive with buying the original off eBay. US$199 […]

iPod Nano Still Not a Recorder; Portable Recording Alternatives [Updated]

Yet another iPod . . . yet another iPod without real recording capability. (And no, adding a piece of hardware and then having to deal with low-resolution recording does not count.) So while Nano is certainly deeply drool-worthy for listening, wouldn’t it be great to have an iPod-like device for recording? Here are some of […]

Podcast Roundup: Interviews, Tutorials, Music Online

Want something to put on your sexy new iPod other than Madonna tunes? Podcasting continues to grow into a rich, independent channel of music, and a useful source of information for digital musicians. Here are a few recent favorites: Auxar is a netlabel cum blog cum podcast, filled with dark, digital electronic music. And while […]

SONAR 5: Windows Audio App Adds Synths, Reverb, Features

Hear that? It’s the first shots fired in yet another round of Mega DAW Upgrades, this time from our friends at Cakewalk. The banner headline is lots of new synths — not quite on the level of Logic Pro, but still nice to have. And there are plenty of time-saving little features in there, too, […]

Epic Game Soundtracks: Jade Empire, Advent Rising

CDM’s resident game composer Brent is back, this time with a soundtrack review of some of the hottest games out. Oh, yeah, and he’s also officialy making me want an Xbox. -PK Game developers and publishers continue to give focus to the power of audio in today’s games. Whether PC, Mac or console, audio plays […]

Mbox 2 Details: Inserts, Mic Pres, Handle Removal

Digidesign’s new Mbox 2 has some of you excited, others unimpressed — but we were missing some details about how it differs from the original Mbox. Are the inserts gone? Does the fact that Digidesign no longer mentions “Focusrite mic pres” mean this is a downgrade, given that was a big selling point of the […]

Katrina Update: Fats Domino Rescued, Irma Thomas Located

Amidst tragic news, there are some stories of relief. As Tristan and filarion have written in to tell us, Fats Domino has been reportedly rescued by boat. The Queen of Soul, Irma Thomas, had also been reported missing but has also been located.