London: We’re With You

As I have friends and colleagues in London, I want to take a moment to say we’re with you. I remember how much better we all felt here in New York as we heard of the outpouring of support from England and Londoners (as well as elsewhere in the world). It’s the least we can […]

Music as Activism: Live 8

Remember Farm Aid and the many other “Aid” events of the 80s? It was a more innocent time, a time in which rockers thought they could influence events. Or is that spirit really dead, after all? Musicians hoping to change the direction of the G8 conference of world leaders have a new tool: the Web, […]

Rope and Sound: Tensegrity as Musical Instrument [Updated]

Rope and Sound is an installation that uses rope tension to control sound. Pull on a cord, and the change in tension triggers electronic thuds and mellow chimes. The trick is conductive fibers braided into the rope; as the tension changes, the conduction of the rope changes, as well. I got a chance to try […]

PSP Kick: Homebrew Drum Machine (What About DS?)

There’s plenty of homebrew music software for the Game Boy and GBA (check out LSDJ and Nanoloop), but what about next-gen portables? MusicThing gets the scoop on PSP Kick, a sampled drum machine for PSP. PSP Kick is very simple — it’s just a 12-slot drum sampler with AIFF output — but it sounds like […]

East West Stormdrum Sample Library: In-Depth Review

Ed: Brent’s back, not only with a review of the massive EastWest Stormdrum sample library, but some ideas on how you might use it as a composer of game or film scores. Read on . . . -PK Where Art Thou, Boomy Percussion? If you’ve watched any of the more epic-styled Hollywood films lately, no […]

Jemgirl: The 1980s, Remixed

You think you know 80s flashbacks? Not unless you’ve met Jemgirl. This Australian-based DJ/digital musician is hardcore enough to be recreating tunes from the rock cartoon Jem. (Still not ringing any bells? You know, truly, truly outrageous? Yeah — that Jem, my fellow late-20-somethings.) Jemgirl isn’t alone, either: she’ll be spinning Jem tunes, 80s music, […]

Music as Activism: Bush, Mashed Up as Lennon

Imagine Bush as Lennon . . . you’ve entered the world of the mash-up, a world where songs collide and U.S. Presidents’ words get mixed around into whatever you want. (Well, I hope — I wouldn’t entirely put it past our President to spontaneously break into Lennon lyrics way out of context.) Take a walk […]

Dr. Robert Moog is Ill

I’m sad to have learned, as did the mailing list of SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music US), that the esteemed Dr. Robert Moog is ill. We heard this unfortunate news via an announcement at Moogfest here in New York last month; Dr. Moog sent his regrets as he was unable to travel and attending to […]

Dithered is the New Black: Finding Independent Music with atariboy

G’day, pleased to meet you – This is the first installation of ‘dithered is the new black’, a weekly column about all the great music one can find online – usually for free. I’m atariboy. (Cris Pearson in ‘real life’) I make music (see and design software (see Lets get to it . […]

Ask CDM: Best Live Headphones?

Okay, CDM readers. We’ve got a dual challenge this week: what headphones are perfect for gigging, perfect for DJing, and make a perfect birthday present? Reader-turned-CDM columnist atariboy writes: I am looking for some good headphones for my girlfriends (jemgirl) birthday later this week. Around the $100 mark. Will be used for DJing/gigging. The Sony […]