CDM at South by Southwest Interactive

I'm traveling to the legendary geekfest that is South by Southwest Interactive Saturday through Tuesday. Going to Austin? Drop me a line via the CDM contact link and let me know; I'd love to meet some CDM readers! Hopefully some of you are geek enough (and, er, expense account-ed enough) to make it! Don't miss […]

Apple Can Read Online Journalists’ Email, Rules Court

A preliminary ruling last week is now final, reports According to the ruling by Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge James P. Kleinberg, Apple may subpoena email records from, email provider for CNet reports the court did not answer the question of whether writers for online 'enthusiast' sites are journalists. (The Electronic […]

Previewing Altiverb 5 Convolution Reverb

Sure, it's fun playing around with convolution reverbs like Apple Logic's Space Designer, but if you really want ultimate flexibility and realistic space modeling, you need Altiverb. It was the first software plugin to feature convolution, and with upcoming version 5, there's no question it's the Rolls Royce of reverb. Check it out: Multichannel IRs […]

Electroplankton: Underwater Musical Game for Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS is already a model for thinking creatively about handheld interaction, but a game slated for Japanese release called Electroplankton looks to be the most creative yet. It's hard to say exactly what it is — maybe just as confusing even if you do read Japanese — but it appears to be an […]

Bidule 0.8: Interactive, Now With Joysticks

How much do you get out of this "point-one" upgrade to interactive modular software Plogue Bidule (OS X/Windows)? An insane amount, including these highlights: Use joysticks, mouse, keyboards, and other HID devices for MIDI controls New audio looper with more options: graphical loop point editing, adapts automatically to meter and stretches time, and more A […]

Reason Release Date Today

Reason 3.0 is released today, and the hype at Propellerhead is turned up so loud you can't hear anyth– what? What did you say? You're not excited by a mastering suite? Why is it this program still can't record audio? What? Sorry, I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE BLASTING ROCK POWER THAT IS THE FLASH […]

Playlist’s Johnny Rocket on London’s Digital DJ Club

Ed: London's Playlist club has been getting a lot play, what with you kids and your iPod DJing phenomenon. It's not all iPods at Playlist, though — aside from breaking details on HP's prototype-only DJammer, Playlist is host to people using all kinds of digital DJ kit. And if you're suffering anglo-envy, there's a club […]

Playlist Comes to USA; Behind the Scenes of Digital DJ Party

What? Can't pop by London on March 26 for the "it" digital DJ club party? Here in the untamed colonies, you can still get your iPod-DJing action: Playlist is coming to Philadelphia. Head over to The Khyber (2nd and Chestnut) Monday, March 28 for the free party, and get your digital DJing skills judged by […]

Live 4.1.1 Fixes – The Perfect Host?

Live 4.1 may have introduced Ableton's new Operator synth, but 4.1.1 looks like it contains just as many bug fixes and improvements — obesssive release notes are available on the Ableton forum. Here's the big one: if you don't want Operator, you can now hide it from the instruments list. (In 4.1 the Operator appeared […]

Remembering the 80s in Flyers

Quick: what do Nina Hagen, Laurie Anderson, Sonic Youth, and Run DMC have in common? Among many others, they hung out at 80s arts hub Danceteria here in NYC. Check out the history in flyers. As if the current real estate market didn't give us enough reason to be wistful for 80s New York. (via […]