MPC and Drum Machine Pioneer Roger Linn on Podcast

Behold the instrument-designing prowess of Roger Linn. You can check out his resume at the museum page of his site, but to make a long story short, it ranges from ground-breaking sampled drum machines to the legendary MPC sampler series from Akai. Without Roger, hip-hop as we know it would probably never have happened. Fortunately, […]

Steam Driven: Details of Coal-Powered Laptop Music

Here’s more on Steam Driven, the interactive performance that mixed music and steam-powered machines, from composer Stuart Smith. Stuart writes: The show went well and also sold-out. A nice piece of theater as every visitor had to manually stoke the fire with a chunk of coal, thus waiting for enough “steam” pressure to begin the […]

Best Platform for Music: Atari ST

There’s nothing that fatigues the CDM staff more than pointless platform wars. I have absolutely no sympathy for PC OR Mac snobs. Sure, you think you have superior music applications. The best OS. The ultimate UI. You’re all wrong. The Atari ST reigns supreme. In the spirit of bringing this issue to a close forever, […]

Interactive Musical Corset

Okay, bondage gear probably isn’t what designed Danielle Wilde had in mind when she created the stunningly gorgeous design of her Ange musical ribcage. The inspiration was “a woman whose back has been flayed, exposing the musculature and bone structure and creating the suggestion of wings.” But if this doesn’t suggest a future of (beautiful, […]

CDM Radio Pick: Free Beethoven, New Music – Radio 3

CDM Radio of the Week For music, you can’t beat the Beeb, and the UK radio conglomerate is now easy to hear in the rest of the world thanks to some of the best net radio support on the Earth. Just don’t overlook the high-brow Radio 3 because you think it might be stuffy. Quite […]

plasq Wins Apple Design Award (Congrats to CDM Reader Atariboy!)

I love it when CDM readers win major accolades. So it is with Cris “Atariboy” Pearson of plasq, who’s just scored the prestigious Apple Design Award for Best New Product for OS X at the WWDC conference. The winning app, the brilliant comic creation tool Comic Life got mentioned here on CDM just about before […]

USA Today’s Wrong Guide to Home Recording

Music Thing points out that USA Today has discovered home recording. If that doesn’t scare you, read on. Writing about technology is challenging, especially for laypeople. That’s why there’s so much mainstream information that’s largely to completely inaccurate. Watch what happens to hapless USA Today writer Byron Acohido when he tries to tackle the topic […]

TactaPad Touch Interface for Mac

The TactaPad is just a concept model, not in production, and I’m not even sure the movies are real, but it’s an interesting idea nonetheless. (Thanks to Chris O’Shea for the tip!) The idea is, you touch a tactile surface with your hands, and a camera maps an image of your hands onto the screen […]

Apple + Intel: Music Apps and Plug-ins Must Be Ported

Here at CDM headquarters in sweltering NYC, I’m pretty excited about future Intel Macs, and in the meantime I’m happy with Apple’s current lineup for music. But music apps and plug-ins that don’t get ported to Intel-compatible form probably won’t run at all. You may havce heard that your existing apps will run on Apple’s […]

SpinCycle: Color-Tracking Turntable

Spencer Kiser, another whiz kid from NYU’s ITP program, gives CDM our first look at his SpinCycle. It’s a new take on the turntable: instead of tracking grooves on a disc, the device reads colors and produces sounds (and hypnotic colors). Check out Spencer’s flickr gallery for pics for now, but he promises more documentation […]