New Autechre — And “What Does it Mean?”

Autechre’s new album Untilted is here from Warp Records, available for MP3 download or live streaming. Go enjoy! So what the heck does their name mean? The Words of Autechre explains this mystery (audio technology research? audio architecture?), as well as the words of their songs by disc. If you’d rather not know, stay away. […]

Apple Introduces Soundtrack Pro, New Pro Audio App

Apple has a new pro app for audio production called Soundtrack Pro, unveiled with Final Cut Pro Studio 5. This isn't just a slightly beefed-up Soundtrack or a new app for video — it looks like it could be a whole different way of working. Here's an early look at some features I find interesting […]

Musikmesse: Xone:3D DJ Mixer-Interface-Controller

DJs, VJs, and laptop musicians, Allen & Heath has your ultimate hardware, coming later this year: The Xone:3D integrates a full DJ mixer, a MIDI/USB control surface complete with scratch surface, and multichannel audio interface into a single box. Allen & Heath says it "allows the user to manipulate and manage any source – such […]

Furniture for Laptops, Vinyl, More

At home or on the gig, it's a problem: where do you put all your toys? Most clubs, from avant-garde to hip, don't seem to know what to do with performers who work with laptops and technology. And, then, at home, if you've managed not to alienate your significant other yet, he or she will […]

Macworld: Cubase vs. Logic vs. DP

There's nothing quite like a 3-way. I reviewed Steinberg Cubase SX 3.01, Apple Logic Pro 7.01, and MOTU Digital Performer 4.52 for; read the complete review and conclusions. Of course, a really fair comparison of all-purpose DAW software would be more like Cubase vs. Logic vs. DP vs. Cakewalk SONAR vs. Ableton Live vs. […]

Musikmesse: Customizable, Modular Mawzer Control Surface

Want to go Sasha one better and customize your own modular control surface for all of your software? The Mawzer gives new meaning to the term plug and play. You start with a simple backplane and plug in various modules such as faders, buttons, and knobs, assign MIDI controls and you're good to go. Even […]

Musikmesse: CG-8 Video Synth Video Footage

Sure, Edirol's fascinating new CG-8 video synthesizer, due in July, costs a whopping US$5295 — enough to make most of you (and us) to lose interest until we find a higher paying job (see our story and follow-up and more follow-up with sticker shock). That doesn't mean that: this gear isn't really cool to dream […]

Sonic Garden: Music from Giant Blobs

How do you get a group of people in Milan to lounge atop, cuddle with, and hump a bunch of soft cone-shaped blobs? Easy: feed a channel of synthetically-generated music to each blob so, as they rock and move, soothing interactive music fills the air. The result, says visitors, ranges from "very comfortable" to "very […]

Lightspace: Disco Dance Floor for Pros

Sure, at MIT building interactive LED-powered disco dance floors is a good way to decorate your dorm and procrastinate. But, Chris O'Shea of pixelsumo reminds me, for the designers at Lightspace, it's serious business. Clearly, the MIT students' DIY project was directly inspired by the Lightspace team that's . . . wait a minute . […]

PSmaX: Mac/Windows Music with PlayStation Controllers

Following up on yesterday's report on using Dance Dance Revolution pads with your computer for music, we've got more on PSmaX from its creator. PSmaX is an applet developed in Max/MSP that lets you hook any PlayStation controller to your Mac or PC via USB. Here's Mike Chames: The input in PSmaX is handled through  […]