Electric Violins, IBM Mainframes, and Playboy

Pop quiz: what instrument by pioneering “father of digital audio” (or, if you’d rather, “great-grandfather of Techno”) Max Mathews was featured on the cover of Playboy Magazine? If you guessed the IBM 704 mainframe, the computer on which Mathews generated the first computer music the world ever heard, you’d be — wrong! Would that we […]

Bob Moog: Movie Star, “Tour”, Action Figure

May is Moog month. Not only do we have a DVD version of the Moog documentary to look forward to, releasing May 31 complete with tons of extras from deleted scenes to a demo of Arturia software for Mac and PC to a vintage beer ad, but now Bob’s . . . an action figure? […]

Hot Rodding for Mastering: Loudness Competition

As the rest of us lament brick-wall limiting and other techniques for flattening dynamic range and making music louder (see Music Thing’s recent discussion), WWAYM is sponsoring a no-holds-barred, Monster Truck Ralley of audio engineering. The contest: make it as loud as you possibly can. The competition, sent to us by reader Adrian Anders, “must […]

Electronic Music History: Birth of the Drum Machine

Tom Whitwell at MusicThing points to an incredible eBay find — an original Wurlitzer Sideman, the first commercially-available drum machine, just as I’m editing an electronic music history chapter that mentions it. Ironically, the most important contribution in the history of the Sideman was probably ANNOYING future Korg co-founder Tadashi Osanai. To tell the story […]

GURU: Perfect Software Drum Machine?

Based on the spec list for GURU, due at the end of May, it sounds like the folks at FXpansion may have heard our drum machine wish list: Integrated, advanced step sequencer Automatically (or manually) slice and map audio to extract kick, snare, hat, etc. out of audio Full audio (WAV/AIFF/REX) and MIDI loop import […]

Cube 2 Morphing Synth

Virsyn’s Cube synth was already a far-out morphing additive synth instrument. (It’s called a “Cube” because you can morph between four different sounds using envelopes or live MIDI control.) With Cube 2, you can now directly access and draw filters on the spectrum, a la MetaSynth. Powerful new resynthesis techniques improve the sound quality and […]

Waiting for Logic 7.1, Tiger

Jeremy writes us to tell us Logic 7.1 may be delayed until as late as May 20; original estimates from the Apple Store had it shipping today (April 29). Take this with a grain of salt, though: Apple Store shipping reports have been known to be a little erratic from time to time. Here at […]

Pizza Synth for Windows (No, literally — pizza!)

Silliest. Interface. Ever. Well, sure, we’ve seen instrument interfaces with difficult-to-discern controls and labels — my favorite labeling being on the Buchla synth’s

Quantazelle: Producer-Designer-Musician Extraordinaire

I’m obviously getting too much sleep. Are you? Quantazelle (aka Liz McLean Knight of Chicago), designer and creator of MIDI jewelry as mentioned yesterday, must not be. She’s: a talented IDM musician/producer (take a listen — good stuff!) creator/editor of the electronic music zine Modsquare owner of the jewelry company Zella founder, manager, and designer […]


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