DJ Sasha’s MAVEN Controller + Mac Setup

CDM got to check out Sasha with his new MAVEN controller (see Music Thing's story) as he played his monthly residency at Crobar here in New York. Forget vinyl — Sasha's setup is all-digital: Ableton Live Apple iMac G5 (looked like 17", but that was after a couple of vodkas) MAVEN custom controller (built just […]

Never Enough Knobs: Sonia Interface

Reflex Products is a newly-launched maker of computer music gear; Jamez writes us to tell about their new Sonia MIDI controller. Vitals: 12 soft-touch knobs, 5 'virtual transport' buttons (or whatever else you want 25 preset memory banks for instant compatibility with Live, Logic, Reason, Cubase, etc. up to 44 user banks for whatever wasn't […]

Gorgeous USB-to-MIDI Adapter

MIDI is still a reality of life for connecting all kinds of instruments. The most compact MIDI adapters act basically like a MIDI-to-USB cable, but many of those are 1-in / 1-out only and look ugly as hell. Romio from Reflex is different: 1-In, 2-Out (for 32, count `em, channels), and it's simply gorgeous, at […]

MIDI Sock Puppet

Too shy to make funny voices while using your sock puppet? Be the life of a party, with a MIDI sock puppet that can make silly 'singing' noises or play a synth. A single flex sensor (we're guessing) can even manipulate pitch in a mode. Brought to you by UK's Matthew Irvine Brown and, of […]

Analysis: Mac vs. PC Benchmarking

In this corner, from the Land of the Setting Sun of CA, we have the gorgeous, easy-to-use, "I'm an incredibly-expensive cheese-grater" Power Mac G5. And in this corner, the "Hide me under your desk before I scare small children" utilitarian black box from Austin, the Dell Precision 470. Which will whip through progress bars so […]

Creative Commons Sampling: Online, On Flash Drive

Tired of getting sued for sampling? Creative Commons offers licenses for pro musicians that lets them keep their copyright while giving people the right to sample or use their sounds. Artists choose how much control you have, but if they opt for a sampling license, you can get access to sample sources free. I was […]

USB-to-Real World Sensor Interface

No, not a USB interface to MTV's Real World. The Muio is a new interface to real-world sensors and devices (motors, robotics, etc.). It works via USB, and sends and receives MIDI, OSC, and a socket/UDP stream using XML, accessed via Windows DLL or Mac OS X Framework. (CDM issues an 'if you have to […]

Sex Album Creator Interviewed

Synthtopia today interviews NYC multimedia artist Jessica Vale, creator of The Sex Album — recorded sounds of people having sex manipulated into electronica with vocals by Bale on top (pun intended). So how's the album? Well, while some of the found sounds are recognizable, others get mashed into undistinguished digital mush, so with the addition […]

WMC Ultra Music Festival 2005 Lineup

CDM welcomes new contributor Liz who's going to allow us to live vicariously through her and make believe we're in sunny south Florida. Here's the latest on the Ultra Music Festival lineup: The lineup for the seventh annual event, now an official Winter Music Conference closing event, is unbelievable. Timo Maas is will be performing […]

Sonic Devastator: Megaphone of Pain

Gizmodo scoops CDM today for latest riot-control technology with the Sonic Devastator (though, um, some spelling issues with the product?) This ain't just for your German punk band, kids: it's a real DIY weapon. Create an ultrasonic blast capable of "inducing intense pain and discomfort in humans and animals." Oh, and it even has adjustable […]