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Ableton Live Hacking: Novation Nocturn Scripts, Music; More APC40 Setup

Ready for more dynamic control of Ableton Live, on the cheap? My how-to on MIDI Remote Scripting in Ableton Live was just last week, but it has already inspired new scripts for hardware, this time on the Novation Nocturn. (My examples for the tutorial were the Korg nanoPAD and nanoKONTROL.) The Nocturn is also very […]

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Music Hackday Goodies: Robot-Driven Radio, Free Chordal Synth, Lyrics by Decade, More

The Music Bore – Video 2 from Nicholas Humfrey on Vimeo. “I’m sorry, Dave, I can’t allow you to listen to Coldplay.” What would radio be like if playlists were not only robotic, but had robot DJs pulling information from the Interwebs dynamically? That’s the question asked by the winning team at London’s Music Hackday […]

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Making it as a New Artist: Trent Reznor and Techdirt Founder on What to Do Now

We’ve all watched and commented on bands like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails releasing free albums and still profiting by them. Will this model still work for new artists, though? Trent Reznor posted yesterday that the Beastie Boys’ Ill Communication reissue is “how you sell music today”. As a rebuttal to the usual “that only […]

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DIY, Free Drum Editors for Pd, RjDj – Patch-Phobic Tutorial Included!

Editing drum patterns in RjDj/Pd from Frank Barknecht on Vimeo. If making your own musical tools seems like a lot of work, you’re not wrong. The beauty of making your own stuff is all about making your own reusable modules that help you build musical solutions more quickly. Finding those useful modules can also help […]

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iPhone Roundup: Field Recording, DJ Tools, Odd iInstruments, Cinco de Mayo

Now we’re talking: FiRe turns your iPhone into a serious recorder. No, really, a serious recorder – with advanced features and actual mic support. Your pocket is bulging with power. Wait… okay, that sounded really wrong. Anyway, the mobile software revolution continues. There’s so much stuff out there that it can actually be hard to […]

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Quick – you’ve got a music file that someone (a collaborator, a client, a friend) needs to hear. How do you send it to them? It seems countless Web entrepreneurs have new ways for sharing media – there are online Flash-based music editing applications, social networks, elaborate MySpace and Facebook killers. We’ve been impressed with […]

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What’s New From Ableton in Videos: Live, APC, Max for Live; Thoughts on Share

Assuming you haven’t already hit Ableton overload with all the news announced this week, Ableton has posted a set of videos that do a pretty nice job of demonstrating the features. I’ve assembled them into a playlist here. (Stumbled on these videos thanks to Synthtopia.) There are four videos in the playlist, covering Live 8, […]

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Pay for Play (or Upload): Will You Use Vimeo Plus for $60/Year?

It seems that it’s the season for subscription web offerings. Last week Peter documented the launch and premium packages offered by SoundCloud. Now CDMo’s favourite web video service Vimeo has just introduced a for-pay tier to their service: Vimeo Plus. For US$60/year you get a 2GB/week upload quota, HD embedding, priority uploading, more player customization, […]

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