CDM Asks: Recording Any App (Windows and Mac)?

You the readers remain my best resource, so here goes: What are your favorite tools for recording audio from applications that don’t have a recording/render-to-disk facility? I’ve been stunned when I’ve seen Windows users suggest that you wire up a recorder, bounce out through the analog outs on the computer, and then re-record. Nonsense! On […]

Macrodobe: Future Killer App?

Keeping up with acquisitions these days is darn near impossible. We wake up this morning, and Adobe has acquired Macromedia. A few humble suggestions from the digital music / interactivity / VJ side of things (and, no, one of them is NOT "bring back SoundEdit" — you'd be amazed how many times I hear that, […]

Pro Tools 6.9: 7 “.1” Away? Post-Production Competition?

Pro Tools 6.9 is now available from Digidesign. As Apple focuses on integration with Final Cut Pro, Avid/Digidesign are counting on the loyalty of studios and video houses to the Avid system; 6.9's major new features have to do with Avid's high-end video products. If you don't have an Avid or ICON D-Command control surface, […]

Dream DJ Furniture

As CDM continues its hunt for the ultimate studio furniture, here's my favorite reader tip yet: DUAL Furniture in San Francisco has gorgeous custom birchwood furniture designed to your specs. There's the usual DJ furniture — record cabinets and the like — but DUAL wins out for cool hunters with its floating coffins, suspended elegantly […]

Body Pads: Play Your Thighs [Updated]

Using piezo-electric sensors or specialized drum pads, you can turn acoustic drums into triggers, then convert that signal to MIDI. But why stop there, when your legs are just waiting to be slapped? To use your legs as a trigger, you’ll want a fairly sensitive sensor — standard drum triggers would require you to hit […]

New Machinedrum Percussion Synth, Autechre

The folks at Elektron have some incredible pattern-based synths/percussion generators (see full product line), if you can afford them (US$1350-1950 list). They’re working on a new Machinedrum, the SPS-1. It’s not a true sampler, but you can load samples onto it via MIDI and soon USB, so as the creators put it “finally you can […]

Dream DJ Furniture: Pt. II

Easily topping the cool factor of the floating DJ turntable is the alien spaceship cockpit of DJ furniture: the DJ Kreemy Table. (Thanks to a reader for reminding of this!) Designed by Karim Rashid, this all-fiberglass, dual-deck+mixer design with integrated power and lighting will set you back (get ready for this) just under US$3000. So […]

New Autechre — And “What Does it Mean?”

Autechre’s new album Untilted is here from Warp Records, available for MP3 download or live streaming. Go enjoy! So what the heck does their name mean? The Words of Autechre explains this mystery (audio technology research? audio architecture?), as well as the words of their songs by disc. If you’d rather not know, stay away. […]

Apple Introduces Soundtrack Pro, New Pro Audio App

Apple has a new pro app for audio production called Soundtrack Pro, unveiled with Final Cut Pro Studio 5. This isn't just a slightly beefed-up Soundtrack or a new app for video — it looks like it could be a whole different way of working. Here's an early look at some features I find interesting […]

Musikmesse: Xone:3D DJ Mixer-Interface-Controller

DJs, VJs, and laptop musicians, Allen & Heath has your ultimate hardware, coming later this year: The Xone:3D integrates a full DJ mixer, a MIDI/USB control surface complete with scratch surface, and multichannel audio interface into a single box. Allen & Heath says it "allows the user to manipulate and manage any source – such […]