Musical Mac Mini: Custom Analog Synth

Cyndustries, known also for their tabla machine, has announced it will build Apple's new Mac Mini into a special, custom analog synthesis box and custom case, featuring: Custom, touch-sensitive LCD screen (optional) Built-in MIDI and MIDI-to-Control Voltage conversion (!) Fully-analog oscillators and filters, with digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital routing Multi-channel, multi-Mac Mini, multi-monitor options available Completely […]

Novation Keyboard Availability Update

At long last, Novation tells createdigitalmusic their new X-Station keyboards will be available. US Availability is now this week for the 25-key model and end of February for 49-key and 61-key models. To see what the fuss about, read my article from earlier this winter on the X-Stations' great control surface / integrated synth / […]

Macworld: Bluetooth Audio

Following earlier news from Griffith, Lee Sherman tips us off to additional Bluetooth audio devices at Macworld, but don't get too excited: iPod-only, reduced audio quality versus wired systems (though much better than FM transmitters), and high prices (expect around $150-200+ based on what we've seen from previous products). Ratoc Systems iPod headphone / stereo […]

Build Your Own Drum Pads

It's one of those electronic music DIY dreams: building drum pads from scratch. Sound on Sound had an article in 1995 that goes through, step by step, how to build a drum pad and trigger system. You'll want to check out the Physical Computing page, too. Anyone want to give this one a try? Hit […]

Macworld: Griffin Audio Toys for Mac, iPod

Griffin Technology has a bunch of new iPod/Mac audio stuff to show off at Macworld Expo: AirClick is a remote control for iPod, iPod mini, and the Mac; US$39 on preorder SmartDeck is a cassette adapter for iPod that lets you control iPod navigation via a car tape player (brilliant!); US$24.99 now BlueTrip is a […]

VDrum: Video Drum Machine (Win)

VJ Fader, creator of Max/MSP/Jitter-powered Neuromixer (an excellent video mixer with lots of support for controllers), now introduces a first: VDrum is a step sequencer not only for audio, but video, too. The first version was released today with the following features: Sequence AV clips using on/off switches, via numeric pad or MIDI input Record […]

PowerBook G5: Snowball’s Chance?

Those of you looking for better laptop performance on the Mac, don't expect it to come in the form of a PowerBook G5. AppleInsider reports in its conference call notes that Apple's CFO calls it "the mother of all thermal challenges." That statement has plenty of precedent, as Apple has cautioned impatient Mac laptop fans […]

Macworld: Omnipotent Keyboard, FireWire Controller

Appearing from out of a parallel music universe, a Chinese company called CME introduced its UF omnipotent master keyboard at Macworld Expo. Apparently endorsed by leading Chinese musicians and producers, the keyboard is a "MIDI master keyboard" that boasts several firsts: Cool black metallic duraluminum construction (with communist red trim) Digital audio FireWire expansion capability […]

VJ, Video, Electronic Music Parties at Macworld

For those of you in San Francisco for Macworld, three events two watch for: Tonight (Tuesday): Drinks are on Discreet at the BAMG meetup — featuring red-hot visual effects artist Culley Bunker (Black Eyed Peas, Spiderman 2) Thursday: Edirol is sponsoring the Iron VJ battle at 9:30 PM, presented by the Video Salon (one of […]

Review: JamPlug Miniature Guitar Amp

Isaac Guzman, whom New Yorkers may know from his NY Daily News byline, has gotten his hands on DV Forge's JamPlug and now brings CDM a full review. Can a guitar amp that's "the world's tiniest" make enough sound? Read on for details. -Ed Product: JamPlug Manufacturer: DV Forge Price: US$49.99 Availability: Now