Creamware’s Minimax, Profit-5: Analog Sounds in Cheap Packages

As the industry trends toward digital sound and plug-ins (or so we were told), we increasingly have . . . wha? More hardware emulating old analog classics? And now at prices under US$1000? Believe it. Creamware has previewed two new hardware boxes, the Minimax ASB and Profit-5 ASB. They don't mention the Minimoog or Prophet-5 […]

SxSW: Trick Out Your iPod Video

Reader Chad points out that, among video coverage of the likes of Al Franken and Luke/Owen Wilson, you can watch random video clips of our 'How to Trick Out Your iPod' panel (hi QT / lo QT) Edited in, how shall we say, an unusual way — mostly random bits of me talking and curiously […]

04/01: Wing Endorses M-Audio

No . . . not Wings, Wing, one of the hotest vocal artists on the planet. If you haven't heard this Hong Kong native yet (she was recently featured on South Park, a TV show that has launched . . . or re-launched . . . many a pop superstar), you're missing out on incredibly […]

04/01: Toyota Buys Windows Audio Developer Cakewalk

In a surprise announcement, Toyota Motor Corporation announced today it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Twelve Tone Systems, Inc. (commonly known as Cakewalk) in a cash and stock transaction for an estimated $324 million. Boston-based Twelve Tone Systems is the industry-leading provider of software for creating music and sound on the desktop, […]

04/01: New Moogerfooger Guitar Effect Generates Analog Silence

I've been a big fan of the Moogerfooger effects units, so you can imagine my excitement at the release of the Moogerfooger MF-4'33". There's simply no better way to improve the sound of an electric guitar than feeding it through this unit: dig that "pure warm analog silence." Really, guitarists: this is the single best […]

04/01: Digidesign Announces Stadion

Digidesign|Stadion is the new ultra-pro audio product from Digidesign, featuring an integrated mixing console, mix engine, Standion|I/O inputs and outputs with 1024 mic inputs for mixing down to 128 buses, 75,000 seats, a retractable roof, and proprietary Digiturf(TM) HD artifical turf system, plus integrated recording and playback option for industry-standard Digidesign Pro Tools systems. MRSP […]

Altiverb Convolution Reverb Released

This isn't just a reverb plug-in. This is a hugely tricked-out ultimate convolution reverb with all the stops pulled. Altiverb first popularized the use of sampled spaces for software reverbs via a digital technique called convolution. As I reported here, Altiverb 5 brings plenty of new features, including new controls for where your audio is […]

CDM’s New Logo

No, you’re not just seeing things. We’re rotating banners around here at CDM; this contribution comes from Funnel of onetonmusic, a lovely music tech blog. (More of his design work at right.) It could be a glimpse of a future redesign of the CDM site. All things just keep getting better. Thanks, Funnel! (For previous […]

Head Music: Tap Your Brain, or Hit Your Head

Music is just getting head-y these days, at least at near near future. Not satisfied with a single brain cap for making music (see earlier on CDM), James Fung at the University of Toronto has hooked up 48 people's EEG brain waves to the computer for some group biofeedback. (near near future story) Then again, […]

Balloons as Speakers and Microphones

Here in the blogosphere, we only care about up-to-the-minute technology, right? On the contrary. We still find these talking balloons pretty damn cool. (via a huge post on the MIT Media Lab from Make:blog — go ahead, waste the rest of the afternoon) State-of-the-art 1995 technology, so get cracking: a piezo sensor mounted to the […]