NASA/ESA Audio From Saturn, Titan

NASA's Cassini spacecraft was bomboarded with dust particles that make up Saturn's rings, and the sound against its high-gain antenna are included in a new video file. Meanwhile, as the ESA's Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument makes its descent to Titan, acoustic sensors pick up audio data posted by ESA as MP3s. Load up your iPod […]

NAMM: Calm Before the Storm

'Twas the nights before NAMM, and all through the house, not a press release was stirring . . . well, no, that's not true. In fact, I have a huge stack of new releases, but they're all embargoed (meaning I can't tell you about them) until Thursday or Monday. So get ready. Lee Sherman, our […]

Speculation: PowerBook G4, not G5 Coming Soon

Repeat after me: you'll be running Logic on a faster PowerBook G4, not G5, in 2005. But that may not a bad thing. There's just no convincing some people. It's not enough that top Apple brass told financial analysts as recently as Wednesday 1/12 not to expect a PowerBook G5 in the near future. The […]

MetaSynth 4 Visual Audio Software: Very Close

Exclusive! Returning to our regular programming of geeky stories that appeal to a tiny fraction of the population (PowerBook G5 rumors? What was it, sweeps week?) and ill-conceived puns (see above), I bring you: MetaSynth 4. MetaSynth is a graphic sound design and music creation environment that lets you paint with sound, using color imagery […]

Moog Releases Voyager Rack Mount Edition

Legendary synthesis innovator Moog Music has launched a rack-mounted version of their Voyager synthesizer. There's no touch-pad or (naturally) keyboard, but the RME does feature all the sounds of the Voyager in a trim, 19" package. Perfect for augmenting your current rig or adding polyphony to your existing Voyager keyboard. (And if you do own […]

Musical Mac Mini: Custom Analog Synth

Cyndustries, known also for their tabla machine, has announced it will build Apple's new Mac Mini into a special, custom analog synthesis box and custom case, featuring: Custom, touch-sensitive LCD screen (optional) Built-in MIDI and MIDI-to-Control Voltage conversion (!) Fully-analog oscillators and filters, with digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital routing Multi-channel, multi-Mac Mini, multi-monitor options available Completely […]

Novation Keyboard Availability Update

At long last, Novation tells createdigitalmusic their new X-Station keyboards will be available. US Availability is now this week for the 25-key model and end of February for 49-key and 61-key models. To see what the fuss about, read my article from earlier this winter on the X-Stations' great control surface / integrated synth / […]

Macworld: Bluetooth Audio

Following earlier news from Griffith, Lee Sherman tips us off to additional Bluetooth audio devices at Macworld, but don't get too excited: iPod-only, reduced audio quality versus wired systems (though much better than FM transmitters), and high prices (expect around $150-200+ based on what we've seen from previous products). Ratoc Systems iPod headphone / stereo […]

Build Your Own Drum Pads

It's one of those electronic music DIY dreams: building drum pads from scratch. Sound on Sound had an article in 1995 that goes through, step by step, how to build a drum pad and trigger system. You'll want to check out the Physical Computing page, too. Anyone want to give this one a try? Hit […]

Macworld: Griffin Audio Toys for Mac, iPod

Griffin Technology has a bunch of new iPod/Mac audio stuff to show off at Macworld Expo: AirClick is a remote control for iPod, iPod mini, and the Mac; US$39 on preorder SmartDeck is a cassette adapter for iPod that lets you control iPod navigation via a car tape player (brilliant!); US$24.99 now BlueTrip is a […]