WireTap Pro Recording Utility (Mac OS X)

Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack has a new rival for recording audio from any Mac app: Ambrosia has announced its new audio recording utility WireTap Pro (US$19). WireTap Pro boasts a one-button interface, direct AIFF, MP3, and AAC recording support, iCal integration for scheduled recording of radio, and even sharing of recording scheduling packages with other […]

Apple Subpoenas Sites Over Asteroid Audio Rumor

As I speculated yesterday, Apple's lawsuit was most likely over the rumored Asteroid audio interface. Apple has subpoenaed AppleInsider, PowerPage, and Think Secret to try to determine the source of the leak, reports Engadget. It's not clear from Engadget's tip whether Apple is seeking a subpoena or has gotten one already. Since a subpoena is […]

Apple Sues Over Asteroid Leak?

Reuters reports that Apple sued "unnamed individuals" on December 13 over a recent product leak. Additional unnamed parties may be added to the suit once their identity is known, says Reuters. While Reuters notes flash iPod rumors have spread through the Web and some sites have speculated that Motorola-Apple phone stories could be behind the […]

Rosegarden Hits 1.0 PR (Linux)

Rosegarden, the flagship digital audio workstation for Linux (see an interview with the developers), has hit 1.0 PR1, making this the first release on the road to the final 1.0 release. This version is mostly bugfixes, but there's a significant addition: latency compensation for plugins, a feature Apple's Logic still lacks. Rosegarden is the most […]

[Updated] Free Hydrogen Drum Editor Now on Mac OS X

Open source Linux drum machine Hydrogen has made its way to Mac OS X; Johnathan Dempsey has created binaries for easy installation (10.3 required). Hydrogen is still in development, but this is worth trying, and you can bet you'll see many more Linux audio tools on the Mac. Install Jack first if you haven't already, […]

Roland TR-606, TB-303 Fonts

It's not enough to run rough emulations of vintage Roland instruments on your Commodore 64 — you need a way of making Christmas Cards in a vintage Roland font, fast. Fonts.com to the rescue: download a very convincing-looking rip-off the Roland font on this monophonic synth and drum machine. Resumes look fantastic in the TB-303 […]

Steinberg Ships New Nuendo 3 (Mac/Win)

The highly-anticipated Nuendo 3 upgrade, Steinberg's would-be "Pro Tools killer", is now shipping worldwide. What's Nuendo? It's the high-end sibling to Cubase, and Steinberg's ultra-high-end media production software. This new release is big news for post production in particular, with AAF support, X-Send integration, Media Management tools, an a new Warp to Picture features, plus […]

Cubase SX 3.01 Adds RoomWorks Reverb (Mac/Win)

Steinberg says they have a "Christmas gift for all of our Cubase SX3 customers": the free 3.01 update announced today includes a new RoomWorks reverb. It's surround-capable, "studio-class," includes 60+ presets, and scales CPU usage to your machine and project usage. Many minor updates, too, some that will make a big difference — the MIDI […]

Vintage Synths: The Card Game

For those of you who haven't already seen this on Sonic State and Music Thing, soft synth developer GMedia has turned vintage synth geekery into a card game. Yes, folks, it's Vintage Synth Trumps, the game where you triumph by collectibility alone. And at just GBP7.95 including shipping, it's a perfect stocking stuffer — send […]

Tranzport Wireless Remote Photo

Jerry Halstead has taken a beautiful photo of the Tranzport wireless DAW remote, my essential tech of the week for Gizmodo, for those of you who can't get enough of drooling over tech. The device looks just gorgeous; I'll obviously post when this ships, expected in March 2005. Jerry also talks a bit about the […]