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Where’s the Party At: Bendable, Open-Source 8-bit Sampler Now Shipping

If you hate modern samplers with all their supposed fidelity, longing instead for the glitchy digital distortion of samplers past, a DIY project has brought you the sounds you love. “Where’s the Party At?” has been inspiring tingly sensations in digital lovers since I first wrote about it in September. Now, the kit version is […]

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Google O3D: Mind-Blowing Open-Source 3D API in the Browser with JavaScript + OpenGL, DirectX

Wish granted! Think 3D in the browser will never catch on? Think again. The folks at Google Labs have built an incredible-looking 3D API called O3D. It does just about everything you want, and then some: It’s multi-platform: Mac + Windows + Linux. It can render to both OpenGL and DirectX render pipelines. You can […]

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3D Animation, Made Real-Time: Open-Source Animata for Mac, Windows

Reverse Shadow Theatre from gabor papp on Vimeo. There’s no shortage of stunning motion graphics in the world. But something’s missing: human beings. Sure, you can render endless, polished animations, but can you perform with animation like you can a musical instrument? Just as studio recording gloss and sameness has made people crave live music […]

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tbeta: Open-Source Computer Vision, Multi-touch Sensing Follows Your Fingers

tbeta preview from ~ on Vimeo. Look out: multi-touch has a new rising star. The tbeta library (short, oddly, for The Beta) is an open-source framework for computer vision and multi-touch, and it’s particularly good at following your fingers. It’s a descendent of touchlib, with some of its ideas, though a completely new code base. […]

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Tutorial: More iPhone/iPod Touch Control With Open-Source Pure Data

Cesare Marilungo has sent us a draft tutorial in development on using the iPhone / iPod Touch as a controller, via the open-source patching software Pure Data (Pd). He gives examples for both mrmr, the open-source project by Eric Redlinger here in NYC, and from Masayuki Akamatsu (pictured). One advantage of akaRemote: you can […]

Read more → New Open-Source, Unofficial SDK in Python Lets You Hack Ableton Live

“If only Live could …” Hard-core Live users dream of more than just an extra feature widget or two. They imagine a world in which they can hack and alter the way Live itself behaves. They want the ability to develop software that works with Live at a low-level. In short, what they want is […]

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Illuminating Lettering as Digital Process, in Elegant, Open-Source Mac NodeBox

Digital process has often been the enemy of craft. Italy, once the land of highly skilled typographers, calligraphers, and music engravers, has given way to static, boxed-up, boring fonts like the rest of the world. It’s only fitting, then, that some lovers of type and digital media would fight back. Andren writes in to share […]

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Open-Source Digital Artmakers: Adobe Flex 2 + AS3 Goes Open

Flex (and thus ActionScript 3 / Flash) are going open source, according to an Adobe announcement today. Ely Greenfield, Flex architect, and David Wadhwani, vice president of Flex Product Line, explained to Robert Scoble what it all means: It’s difficult to say yet exactly what all the implications are, but something very exciting is happening […]

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Onyx, Free + Open-Source Flash VJ App, Adds Features and Mac Support

Onyx, the lovely open and extensible Flash-based live visualist tool, now runs on Mac as well as Windows. (Next stop, since it’s built in Flash: Linux.) And the latest build has some great new features: Snap to tempo, tempo-synced filters Build your own TempoFilters Mutable bitmap filters “Mix files” for saving multiple layers and filters […]

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Open-Source 3D Webcam MIDI Controller

Interested in using webcams to translate on-screen motion to MIDI? Want x, y, and z 3D tracking? Ben Tan writes to let us know about his in-development software project called Peripheral MIDI Controller (pmidic) which does just that. The current build is still a work in progress, but has added enough stability and features that […]

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