Conway’s Game of Life, reimagined as Eurorack module with 8×8 jacks

Conway’s Game from Nervous Squirrel brings the cellular automaton “Life” to Eurorack form – complete with an 8×8 matrix of jacks, one for each cell.

Olivia Artz Time Machine makes the multi-tap delay tactile and modular

Now in its final hours on Kickstarter, Time Machine is a unique and essential Eurorack rendition of the classic multi-tap delay. And it’s also the project of a growing group of queer inventors, from the co-creator of the original Dark Sky – meaning Olivia is now returning to Kickstarter after 12 years.

Keysette is a micro piano to cassette instrument – and limited edition faux vintage

It’s the musical invention that “should not exist, but does.” Keysette is an unholy combination of the 80s and 90s worst cheap synth technology with the worst cassette adapter technology and – is kind of impossible not to love.

Premiere: Ireen Amnes delivers a brisk, growling cut for Keyi Magazine

Keyi Magazine has brought together over four hours of bleeding-edge Berlin productions in a compilation – and accompanying live event – organizing artists around hunger, poverty, and conflict. We get to premiere a bracing scorcher from producer Ireen Amnes to set the mood.

Dreamlike solitude from Johnstown PA, in Nondi_’s Flood City Trax

In Nondi_’s music world, fuzzy reveries of grooves emerge as if half-remembered from sleep, sometimes insistent and raw, sometimes fading to murk. It’s the Internet-fueled sound of artist Tatiana Triplin from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, in a city whose entire history is marked by neglect and ruin.

Control Matrix is the missing parameter tool for Ableton Live devices – floating as a window

The latest Max for Live gem is killihu’s new wonder, Control Matrix. It consolidates parameters in a floating window, complete with A/B compare and preset storage.

Erica Synths surprise: Bullfrog with Richie Hawtin features swappable cards, youth-friendly features

Here’s “one more thing” from Erica Synths, unveiled at SONAR+D in Barcelona. They’ve added to their EDU line with Bullfrog, a modular synth co-created with Richie Hawtin, featuring swappable voice cards that can transform its functionality.

R-Kontrol, the iOS controller for Bitwig Studio, gets big updates to Clips, Scenes, Remote Control

If you already own a big iOS device, it’s tough to beat that display and touch controls for navigating projects. R-Kontrol, an independent control app for Bitwig Studio, just added some gorgeous improvements for clip launching and Remote Controls for your Effects Slots and Device Chains.

Moog Music has been bought by inMusic, alongside brands like Alesis, Akai, Numark

Moog Music announced today that they are now a part of inMusic, the conglomerate known for its ownership of brands like Alesis, Akai, and Numark.

In 1986, John Cage met Sun Ra at Coney Island’s Sideshows by the Seashore

Let it all hang out. Put together that live set you want. Make a “meeting” happen, “not a planned performance.” Need inspiration? It was a “typical [June] day in Coney Island,” the boardwalk buzzing, and Sun Ra met John Cage for a live set.